Tuesday, January 05, 2016

It's my first day back at work as a new missus. I missed my wifely duties and housewife routine of the last two weeks while I was at work earlier. I am still on our wedding bubble and I want to extend for one more week our vacation BUT sadly off to work we go. Gotta save for that honeymoon trips!

One of the things that made me happy last night was our on-site photo slideshow by Nicolai Melicor. It was the same day edit of our photos that was featured in our wedding reception. We finally got our copy yesterday.

Witt & Abbie

Nicolai Melicor is the best! She's one of the first suppliers we booked and met back in January 2015. There are so many good wedding photographers in the Philippines today but we chose Nicolai for her colorful and vivid style. We love the brightness and lifelike style of her photos and her team's. We are not really the dramatic, slow-shutter-low exposure, play of lights kind of couple so we opted for Nicolai and her playful saturation and natural light type of photography. More review on this soon!

For the meantime - here's our on-site wedding slideshow...

Music: Run Run by The Rival

We are very very happy how this turned-out. Nicolai and her team beautifully captured the happy, emotional, and candid moments that we had in our wedding. Wagas ang kaligayahan ko, diba? 

Also - here is the list of awesome our suppliers whose works were featured in the video. I am hoping to write a review about each of them very soon. I just really need to sit down and find time to do it.

Chapel: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Montecito Nuvali
Reception: Pasa Tiempo, Montecito Nuvali
Wedding Preps: Seda Nuvali
Gown: Gretchen Pichay
Entourage's Gown: Paolo Blanco
Entourage's Suits: Gardini
Hair & Make-up: Eds Go
Flowers: Joel Faller
Pre-nup Photography: Caliber King, Team Pat Dy
Invitation Design: Ink Scribbler
Missalette Design & Other Prints: Blissful by MarKat
Wedding Coordinator: Events By Marge

Our wedding was truly a joyous and love-filled occasion for us and our families. A big thanks and shout-out to our family, relatives, friends, and colleagues who celebrated with us!

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  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful wedding Abbie! Congratulations again!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Santos! :) Best wishes to us!

  3. Hi Abbie! May I know where you had your reception? I'm looking for venues around nuvali area…
    Thanks for sharing your special day with us! Best wishes to you :)


  4. Hi, Alen! We also had our reception in Montecito Nuvali. :) At the Lawn Area of Pasa Tiempo to be exact.

  5. Thanks for the info Abbie! I just got confirmation na need ng endorsement from a home owner… I'll try to look if my friends or family know anyone there. I'm hoping for the Abrio clubhouse but i'm not even sure ano capacity nun, haha. Yun bang Pasa Tiempo, may airconditioned hall & if you know its maximum capacity?
    Thanks again in advance!


  6. Hi, Pamela! So sorry! Just saw your comment.

    There's an air-conditioned social hall in Pasa Tiempo but I think it's capacity is only around 100. We had ours in the Lawn Area. Thanks!

  7. Ah medyo maliit nga… pero if garden reception, maganda talaga, like yours :) I'll just continue my venue hunting, haha. Thanks again sa info!
    Congrats again Abbie! ✌🏼️

  8. Hi abbie, can i ask if you still have the copy of pasa tiempo rates? Thanks!

  9. Hello! Please email me at abbiereal [at] gmail [dot] com for the rates. :) Yes - I still have the rates.

  10. Hi mam abbie may i ask kung pno kyo nkakuha ng endorsement sa montecito?? Is it hard to get a sponsor there?? Pwede dn po ba mkuha ung rates sa montecito interested dn kc kmi dun. Thanks. Can i just email u na lng???

  11. Hi Abbie! Do you remember how much the rates in the church itself? I wanted to compare this one with the one near Ayala Westgrove sana :) Thanks!

  12. Hi, Anonymous! I have a friend of a friend who's one of the owners of the village.

    Hi, Angel! Yes still have them.

    Please e-mail me if ever. :)

  13. Hi Ms Abbie can you send me also the rates of Pasa Tiempo. Thank you very much! ash08_karel@yahoo.com

  14. Pls also send me the rates of Pasa Tiempo at ash08_karel@yahoo.com

    Thank you

  15. Hello Ms. Abbie! I sent you an email po.😁

  16. Hi Abbie! Who was your tent supplier and how was your experience with them? Did it rain during your wedding day?

  17. Hi, JigoXkarla! My wedding supplier was Tent King. They are okay in terms of responsiveness and account handling. I would have opted for a bigger concert-levels tent (even if we had their two big tents). Their tent is more horizontal and I would've preferred a larger square one. If you're getting married in Montecito - try to inquire about their in-house tent. It was nice based on the photos I saw.


  18. Hi Miss Abbie,

    Will you please send me the rates for Montecito? Budgeting purposes :) Thank you!


    -G :)

  19. Hi abbie! Your wedding is so beautiful :) Can I ask about the rates for both the chapel and the clubhouse? Thank you so much!

  20. Hi, Guys! Please message me at abbiereal[at]gmail[dot]com for Montecito stuff. Thanks!

  21. Hi, Guys! Here's my blog post on Montecito, Nuvali: http://www.abbiereal.net/2017/06/our-beautiful-montecito-nuvali-wedding.html


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