Saturday, February 23, 2008


The word "soonish" is just one of the things I miss on the long hiatus of Grey's Anatomy. But good thing that the writers' strike is finally over so we can now all go back to regular programming.


ABC recently announced that Grey's Anatomy will return on Thursday, April 24 with five (5) new episodes thus giving Season 4 with 16 episodes in total. Shonda Rhimes also confirmed through the official Grey's Anatomy writers blog that they are now back to writing fresh new stories for the remainder of the season.

I miss my favorite TV show so I've been watching past episodes and seasons in the previous days. I cannot wait for the outcome of the cliffhangers of Episode 11 (Lay Your Hands On Me) like Bailey's marriage, Sloan-Hahn, and the Mer-Der-Rose triangle.

I am so happy that the writers' strike is over. Unfortunately, I have no news yet on the comeback of Brothers & Sisters and Gossip Girl. For the meantime, there's American Idol Season 7. :)

Let the countdown begin!


tin said...

yay! can't wait!! how about xoxo gossip girl? hehehe!

Abbie said...

Haha! Wala pang news. I'll research on it.


pao said...

hay! miss ko na rin ang grey's anatomy! puro replays na nga lang pinagtatyagaan ko ngayon. :lol:

Abbie said...

Hey, Pao! Yeah, excited na ko kahit 2 months pa. :)

Philip and Chette said...

Philip: WAIT... matatapos na???
Chette: Ano ang Grey Anatomy?
Philip: Ano? Oo nga puro replay...
Chette: Ano yun?

Abbie said...

Hi, Philip and Chette! I love your exchanges on Grey's! :D

They are showing replays because of the writers' strike. They will be back soooon! :)