Friday, July 18, 2008

Aging came upon me through my vanity mirror middle of this year. For the first time, I noticed that fine lines and crow's feet were already creeping under my eyes and forehead. I realized that age is catching up on me, and I should get some NEW help since the anti-aging creams I used then look like it's not working.

I was looking for a new brand of creams when I saw Aileen's invite to Pond's A Taste of Beauty Event. I had fun at the event and, at the same time, learned more about its anti-aging product line called Pond's Age Miracle. I was wildly convinced by what I heard, so I tried the Daily Resurfacing Cream.

Here are the notes of my wonderful 7-day experience with Pond's:

The first thing I noticed was its pleasant smell and shade of light pink. I put on a pea-size of cream and realized it was light on my skin and not greasy, unlike the others. I was also thankful that it has SPF, which helped me protect myself from the sun.

Day 1, July 6 - Right Angle Day 1, July 6 - Center Day 1, July 6 - Left Angle

Pond's passed my 24-hour test! I had no signs of irritation, break-out, or redness on the first day of application. It also blended well with my powder foundation, which I use every day. It is indeed very promising!

Day 2, July 7 - Right Angle Day 2, July 7 - Center Day 2, July 7 - Left Angle

I am used to moisturizing my face before I sleep, so I also decided to use Pond's at night. There's no rule that you cannot use day creams at night, so I gave it a shot. After using it, my face feels fresh and clean, and I noticed that my skin is becoming fairer and rosier each day.

Day 3, July 8 - Right Angle Day 3, July 8 - Center Day 3, July 8 - Left Angle

I went to Cabanatuan to meet one of our subscribers, and my single status became a hot topic in one of the conversations. The customer, whom I met for the first time that night, gave me sound advice and told me not to lose hope because he thought I was beautiful. He even told me that I looked younger than my age. Wow!

Day 4, July 9 - Right Angle Day 4, July 4 - Center Day 4, July 4 - Right Angle

Despite my lack of sleep, I was amazed that I looked radiant when I woke up. This was probably attributed to my improved regimen and twice-a-day use of the cream. I also noticed that the tiny pimples I had, even before I started using Pond's, are now dried up and all healed.

Day 5, July 10 - Right Angle Day 6, July 11 - Right Angle

The picture on the right is my favorite among the lot. It was taken on the 6th day of Pond's use. I was tired and not wearing make-up, yet the picture turned out well. I also realized that there was an improvement in my crow's feet compared to how it looked before.

After 7 days of using Pond's, it works well with my skin, and I will continue using it. It's non-greasy, feels good on my skin, and I can see that my face is more radiant than ever. It's always early enough to use anti-aging products. Just think of it as a "delay of aging" process, which I am sure you will not regret when you hit your 40s. With Pond's Age Miracle, I can see brighter and younger days ahead! Try it for yourself!

Day 7, July 12 - Left Angle Day 7, July 12 - Left Angle Day 7, July 7 - Right Angle

[Note: I've always been a one-angle wonder, so I used 3 different poses for this challenge to see the difference. You may view all the pictures on my Flickr.]

EDIT: This piece won in the Pond's Age Miracle 7-Day Beauty Blog Challenge. Yey! You may purchase Pond's Age Miracle through THIS LINK on Lazada.

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  1. May effect nga siya!!! Ang galeng! Ako nga napagkamalang student! Teehee.

    Please don't forget to register your entry. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Aileen!
    I already registered it. :)

    Wow, student? Galing!

  3. yey! looks promising! =) will try the products soon ;-)

  4. Thanks, Madamme! :) Yeah try it! It's good for sensitive skin unlike the one I was using before.

  5. Hmm, parang I wanna try this na rin! Hehe. Sana may for men din ang pond's.

  6. Go, AJ! It's really good. Not-sticky unlike the others. :)

  7. sana meron din yan dito abbie, para matry ko rin.

  8. the first time i saw u in flesh, di ako maniwalang you're nearing your 30th birthday... now, mas lalo akong di makapaniwala. hey, do you think, it will work wonders for me too?

  9. Hi, Khristy! Wala pa dyan? :) I'll research for you! Yey! I was talking to a friend last night who's also using it and she told me that it helped dry her pimples.

    Hi, Tita Lou! Hahaha! Thanks for the reply! I think it's never too late to try. Try it! :)

  10. in fairness, may improvement nga. :)

    it dries up pimples, too? astig. try ko nga. - jang

  11. Hey, Jang! :)

    Yeah, it dries up pimples! I actually used it last night together with my "spot cream" for pimples. Btw, na-miss kita. Where have YOU been.

    Guys - I read somewhere that we can actually get free Pond's Age Miracle sample. All you have to do is text 7DAYS to 2966 and present the reply text to participating stores nationwide. Voila! :)

  12. Hello Abbie! :)

    Wow ang galing! May improvements (at lalo kang gumanda) in just 7days.

    -jeng (jcnun)

  13. Thanks, Jeng! :) They have it there! Try it! Syempre nambola ka pa! Haha! Hope all is well with you.

  14. Teka magkano ba ito Ate Abbie?
    Wala bang sample ito not for use???!

  15. ok then, if it dries up pimples also, count me in. will text 2966 pronto. :D

    miss na rin kita. sayang di natuloy yung BBQ Boy session. hehe. where have i been? sa tabi-tabi lang...hinanap ang aking sarili. may ganun?! joke. busy lang. hope to see you again soon, Abbie! :)

    (Jean, bakit ka naghahanap ng free sample na not for sale? ibebenta mo no? haha.)

  16. Hi, Jean! I think the tub is Php 500 but I am not too sure. What do you mean "not for use"? Hehe!

    Hey, Jang! Sige, sige, text and get your freebie na. :) Let us sched the BBQ gimmick again.

    [Btw, I know Gaby's website's URL na! Hehe! Pero syempre HINDI ko sasabihin...pilitin muna ako dapat!]

  17. seriously, you don't look ang effects ng Ponds sa face mo, winner! i hope you win the contest.hehe.

    unfortunately, di ako hiyang sa ponds kaya di ako sumali.

  18. I really want to try this but I'm a little hesitant because when I used a another Pond's product before, I had a break out. But it worked well for my sister. Hmmm... :o)

  19. Hi Abbie! Haven't seen you in months and your pictures show that you look more radiant as ever (naks!) I have been curious about those anti-aging creams actually. 'Been meaning to try them. I guess it's about time to switch to the one that will benefit my skin more. Thanks for sharing your blog. Hope we can get together sometime... Miss ya!

  20. Hi Abbie! Convincing and nice catch phrase! "With Pond's Age Miracle, I can see that there are brighter and younger days ahead of me! Try it for yourself!" Stay pretty and radiant girl!

  21. Hey Jang wak kang nangingialam dyan diskarte ko to! :p

    Ate Abbie kaya gusto ko ng sample not for use kase balak kong ipa-frame! Hee!

  22. Hi Abbie! ang galing!
    try ko na rin mag Pond's.

    btw, kita kits soon.
    (para makita ko ang pond's face mo, heh!)--------- Beam :D

  23. Hi, Edel! Wow! That's a huge compliment! Thanks, thanks! :) I hope that I'll win, too.

    Hi, CQ! Try it first in the back of your elbow and see if there are irritations after 24-hours. :) Pond's Age Miracle is super light in the skin!

    Hi, Tine! Thanks for your comment! Miss you and the rest of the gang!

  24. Pond's really does miracle. :)

  25. Nyaks!! Parang mas gusto kong makita ka sa tv endorsing the pond's age miracle cream. hahaha! Seriously, thanks for the updates! I'm gonna try it. Sana mahiyang ko. 'lam mo naman, sensitive ang lola. hahaha.. joke!

  26. Hi Mare! Aquasil technology! yebahhh....UHP ang dating. I'll recommend it to my sis and mom. Tc!

  27. Hi, Guys!

    Shout out to Tons, Jean, Beam, Pearl, John (Hi, Pare!) and Eggs Benedict. :)

  28. Hi Abbie! I have a trial pack already. Hopefully, it'll work for me too..Goodluck! =D

  29. Hi, Marj! Hi, Anonymous!

    Thanks! :D

  30. ok, so my comment was a bit vague. i wrote "in fairness, may improvement nga! :)". i didn't think you needed any improvement on your face whatsoever anymore so yeah, the effect of Pond's turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

    unfair nga e coz you don't look your age na, now you even look younger than me pa. haha. walang justice sa mundo. booooo!

    hope you win this. :D

  31. hi abs! this is cool! =) teehee...
    hope to see you around soon so I could see it for myself and try based on your suggestions hehe!

  32. Hi, Jang! Hahaha! :) I look younger than you. NOW you're really pulling my leg.

    Hey, Leelai! See you soon! Missed you so!

  33. naaliw ako dun look younger and younger everyday! \m/ makagamit nga ng ponds na to.

  34. Hi Abbie, you look so fabulous than ever. I'll try this Ponds Miracle cream soon so we'll both look fab! :-)


  35. Hi, Ghesty! Nice seeing you the othe day! Will go back there again next week!

    Hey, Dem! Ano ba? FAB ka na even without Pond's! See you SOON! :D

  36. hey Abbie! I have a trial pack already... this is the 4th day and it's really doin' good!

    We'll see on the 7th. =D ----- B.Otto

  37. Hi, Beam! That's great! Let me know the outcome. :) Goodluck!

  38. waah! you won!! congratss!! :)

  39. Abie, you won! Congratulations :)

    Oh well,we don't know each other, i just got here thru Hypermarket blog from Plurk courtesy of Aileen Apolo :)

  40. Hello Abbie! Congrats for winning the Ponds contest..u deserve it..sabi na nga eh... :)

  41. woohoo! congrats! i'm so happy for you =) pa-burger ka sa discovery shores next week ha! iPhone! woohoo!!!! :-)

  42. hey abbie congrats! treat mo kami ni kat ha? ;)

  43. Hi, Guys!

    Hi, Riz & Edel! Thanks, thanks! :) I am so so so happy!

    Hey, Julie! Thanks for the comment. Saw your Plurk comment, too. I'll add you up.

    Hi, Madamme! Pond's Win + Birthday = Discovery Shores! Thanks! Excited na ako!

    Hi, Marj! Dapat pala hindi muna ako nag-treat sa CBTL kanina. Now I have to buy KK for BSD and PSCM-GSM/BRO! Hala!

    Hey, Eggs Benedict! THANKS! Please don't forget to tell YOUR BEST BUDDY (aka TEH EX) about THIS. Sayang he could've a wife at 50 that looks 30 years old...all thanks to Pond's. Heh! :D Just kidding.

  44. wow! congrats! galing galing, effective nga ciya :)

  45. you look gorgeous abbie! congrats on the winning piece :)

  46. Hi, Phaelun! Hi, Jean!

    Tahnks, thanks! :D

  47. Wow!! galing galing! you're blooming!! Congrats on winning!!

  48. Congrats Abbie! Birthday countdown! Hope to see you soon here in Singapore --- rae

  49. Thanks, Schnuppi! :) Saw your entry, too! Good writing!

    Hey, RAE!!!
    How are you? You're in SG na? Since when? Please e-mail to me your contact numbers ha! Miss you na!

  50. WOW! Ayos ang panalo.

    Mggpakita ka na sa amin para mahusgahan na ng personal!
    Puro BS na lang kase kami! :p

  51. Puro BS? Some kind of friends you are! :)

    How about dinner soon? Hindi ako maka-commit eh! Super busy lately. Hehe!

  52. I'll recommend Olay 7 Signs of Aging Cream. It's a one day wonder. Pagkakabit mo palang radiant na skin mo. That's the cream I use and all my officemates are using it now. Someone actually mistook me for a college kid once! =)

  53. Hehehe! Thanks, Arvee!

    Olay Total Effects was actually the moisturizer "that this did not worked for me" that I was talking about in the first paragraph of this post. :) I tried it first but it did not suit me - redness and itchiness all over. :)

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  59. wow! may effect nga.. ma try nga.. convincing yung before and after photos mo..hehehe..

  60. oohhhssss....
    ang galng ha...
    mas maganda ka pg nka smile LOL...

  61. I do love ponds but haven't tried this one. And it shows improvement. And Baklang AJ ponds are great for men also. I have a friend using their products.


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