Saturday, June 22, 2013


I posted (and promoted) Vine exactly a week ago. Now, here comes Instagram with their own video feature. I am actually not into the idea of Instagram having videos. I am kinda OC when it comes to 'social media platforms' and I want it all in separate baskets. Let Instagram focus on videos and let the others (like Vine, Snapchat, etc.) focus on something else.

I haven't used both service long enough to do a review but I observed that Instagram videos load faster but Vine uploads faster. Instagram is for the viewer while Vine is for the user. I also noticed that Instagram allows longer videos with its 15-seconds feature as opposed to Vine's 6. 

Here's my first Instagram video from our Digital Media Lunch & Learn yesterday. Posing for me are Gino, Iirs, Kim, Yeg, Tob, Czar, Anna, Amor, Chette, Karla, Ina and Lemuel. Fun!

Check out the video in my Instagram.


Ernie said...

I saw this coming for a long time. Well I'm sorry twitter, vine will just like friendster haha