Saturday, April 17, 2004

Whataweek! Whataweek!

Eight is such a good number. Why? Because it defines infinity, it's endless! It goes round and round and round. It's trulylyly a great number, right Shepot? Am I #8? Hmmm....we'll see about that. *wink*

As usual, we have another Mighty Friday in Alabang (it's Gerry's and Congo this time) yesterday. The usual suspects are all in attendance and surprisingly, Dansel finally made it! Yeah! Go Girlfriend! You're improving! It's so funny since we came from all over. Me, Kelly (in sophisticated-fit-for-BMW-fashion) and Dans came from Makati; Wenger, Deng and Jen came from the aborted dinner-gimmick of Itchy-Scratchy; Reggie came in with Pia; and the rest came from the good ol' plant (fresh from dissing some newbie in a tube! ha!).

(1st L-R) The Mighty Boylets
Weng, Deng, Paul and Reg

(2nd L-R) The Abbie Real Chronicles
with Kristine and Kelly as audience! Haha!

(3rd L-R) The Women of Marketing
Dans, Ces, Lorns (Welcome! Welcome!), She and Lee

(4th L-R) The President and The First Lady
with the Expat from China! Haha!

~ *oOo* ~

It was indeed an uber-emotional week for all of us. It all started after the discriminating-totally-low-totally-tasteless delibs last Wednesday evening. Arrrgggh! I can't remember the last time I cried so hard! For all it's worth, it was such a good cry! How refreshing! I will never forget our emotion-filled, teary encounter at the cafe after Coleen's lunchtime announcement. Awww!

*Pictures of the "days of all days" is coming very very soon!

Enough drama. Last night's "it" guy is none other than Weng (again and again). Who would forget his quips about Gilbert! What?! Gilbert, who? Gilbert is actually the super silent, super quiet temp of Product Planning. Hah! Eto pa funny, when I texted him this morning, Weng asked me what exactly happened last night since he cannot remember most of it. He even accused us of abusing him. Had so many drinks again, huh? Hmmm, Wait on Monday, Wenger! Harhar!

~ *oOo* ~

I made the biggest booboo of my professional life yesterday! I had a major job interview...and I forgot my blazer! Dang! %$#! Don't laugh because it's not funny! Hmmm, but they don't seem to mind it since they asked me to come back on Monday.

Oh! A side note to all interviewers out there: enough of that 'strength and weaknesses' question! It's so BORING!

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