Tuesday, April 20, 2004


I'm quite busy lately so I haven't posted much.
Anyway, some random stuff about moi...

^New Finds^
Friends Season 2
Ahead Nero V.6
Norton Systemworks 2004
Multimedia Master (the complete multimedia package! it's all here!)

^Recent Indulgence^
1 1/2 hours of Thai Massage yesterday
Shopping Galore last weekend
My South Sea Pearls (Woohooo!)
My "new" schoolbus (Haha! Sorry, Cols...pinagpalit na kita! Haha!)
Power Tripping because of my newly-found "market value"
Longer slumber @ night (I can actually sleep lately!)

~ *oOo* ~

Why do I blog? Where did I learn the art of blogging?
Who is my greatest influence? Hmmm...none other than...

~::. lilacstardust.::~

Woohooo! Aileen-girl! This page is dedicated to you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL!

I know that most of your friends will say all those mushy birthday crap wishes but...I will NOT! HAHA! Since I know better! So, how does it feel to be (a-single-still-a V-slave-of-a-company-who-is-still-mending-a-broken-heart) twenty-six? Don't look at me! I also don't know the answer! (so don't ask me that four months from now ha!)

Anyway, here's my mushy wish...I hope against hope that this will be THE year when you will complete. You know what I mean. *wink wink* Loveyouloveyou! Mwaaah!

So, till Kurt reincarnates...

Click here to be directed to the birthday gurl's bloggie. Oh! The gif photo was created by her, rig ko lang for the occassion.

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