Sunday, May 09, 2004

I can't believe it! I finally saw my good ol' FORCES friends! It's been MONTHS! We should do the meet-up more often! : ) It was nice seeing you Aileen (Groupie Queen), Tin (Sex Goddess *LOL*), Charo (Virgin M) and She (Druggie Gal).

Here are some ooohlala pictures...

Skyline Poolbar at Vivere Suites
. Abbie . Aileen . Charo . She . Tin .

Starbucks Petron

Quote of the Night: "What comes around...goes around!" Pun intended. Hahahahahahaha! : )


1. I'm not voting anyone for Vice President. The dumb or the ambitious? Geez! Such choices!
2. There is only ONE newspaper dealer in Cabuyao. ONE. I can't believe it. *shakes head* They truly monopolized the "market".
3. I attended mass this evening and our Parish Priest has his usual Mother's Day Special. He annually does gimmicks for mums on their special day, but today's fare is truly the best. He asked all mummies to stand up and they were all given corsages while some kids sang this melodious Mother Song that always put tears in my eyes.
4. McSpaghetti is truly the BEST. I like it tomato-based unlike the usual Fil spags which are all *laughs* full of ketchup!

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