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I celebrate today my 5th year at Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (and to think that I never thought that I'll get to this date). For the "milestone", I will be given dapat a Honda signature watch in October for my undying loyalty to the company but I'll guess I will never get that since I'm outta there starting on the 16th. BUT at least I will get to experience my 'minuscule increase' in pay for five days. Sheesh.

How quickly time flies. It's been five years already? So many things happened since June 9, 1999. Honda taught me so many things, probably even more than my four years in Assumption. I was fresh out of college when they took me. I still have super short hair, unplucked eyebrows, unpainted toenails and flawless legs! I will never forget the wounds and scars (literally speaking) I incurred in the last five years. There was a time in 2001 when me and Olen were running to beat the 8:30 am time-in when I slipped and fell in the sidewalk of Paseo. Oh! That was unforgettable! Good thing we made it on time or else I will go bonkers since the fall left me a wound on my right knee that turned into a scar! There goes my flawless legs!

Here are some more:

There were so many! Most vivid were the ASIMO Events last August 2003 (thanks to the Fantastic Four), two Honda World(s), endless launches, Civic Beauty Contest, so many dealer activities and of course my beloved Honda eXcites! Why are Honda events memorable? Aside from the excitement it brings, there are also bonding moments you share with your fellow associates. There were only two choices: either you kill each other or you help each other. We chose the latter.

DM & PR's Fantastic Four: Dans, Lee, Abs, She
We survived! Three down, one to go
Taken last August 2003 at the Equitable Bldg amidst the ASIMO preparation

> My 1st Honda event:
Accord Gold Rush (09.12.99)
> My last Honda event: Honda eXcites (3.20.04) Should I write City ULT Seat Design Contest instead?! NOOO!
> Most memorable Honda event(s): Honda eXcites, Dealer Convention 2001: Power of Dreams, Civic 2001 Public Launch @ Glorietta, Civic Beauty Contest, Honda World
> Hatest Honda event: CR-V Public Test Drive

Honda World: Creative Movers For The New Generation (6.2004)
She, Ana, Grace, Lee, Rache, Abbie, Ces

ASIMO Manila 2003

PG. P.G. PeeeGeee. Whatever it is, its something that I don't hear anymore in Sta. Rosa. PGs or pigging-out sessions (whoa, new meaning!) were favorites at the then HCPI Makati Office. Whether it is some big birthday or launch celebration or simple AM/PM break, basta may foodie we are all present! No wonder I gained so much weight in the last five years, it was through this 'unforgetable celebs' that we always have! Our favorite? CCME Catering! Such delcious siomai, baked macs, baked tahong...oohhlala!

Fattening PEEGEEs!
(1st Pic) Gina, Olen, Cols, Van, Lutch, Ana, Lee, Kels
(2nd Pic) Dans, Olen and Abs

More to follow...

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