Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I can't type (this is all LEFT hand). I can't write. :( This is worse than the first one since my whole right hand is now bandaged. How long does it take to heal a wound? Grrrrr! Anyway, here are some bits and pieces of the ordeal I went through. (For new readers, check out my May 17 post regarding "the finger").

> I was confined at the hospital Saturday morning around 8:00 am

> I came prepared --- I brought my Hello Kitty blankie, my aztec jammies, combed my hair until it shines, brought 5 magazines

> I had 4 injection shots - dextrose, skin test, blood sample and meds that has to pass through my veins! Whew! The last one was the most painful......

> I texted friends before the process, feeling safe kuno

The operation was terrible but before I went to Tralalala Land, I got the following texts from a good friend:

"Hey! That's bad to hear. Well, I'll pray for you. I'm in the concert of EWF&Chicago! Wish you are here! I know you like this! Get well soon!"

"I feel bad about your surgery. I hope it would be successful!"

Nuninuninu...hmmm, the sender of those texts is someone important to me. I mean, who among you KNOWS that I like Chicago? I even forgot that I like them! Haha! So, when they put anesthesia on me...I was singing "You're the Inspiration" in my head.

> The operation started around 2:00 pm and I even said "Goodnight!" to my Anesthesiologist while my Ortho Surgeon was texting on the other side.

> My first memory after the surgery is seeing my bandaged right hand and asking the nurse to replace it with a new one (the bandage) but she told me that I was operated already (so, I'm still in delirium when I said that, I suppose).

> It was almost 4:30 pm when I came back to my room and I remember CRYING so hard to my mom since the anesthesia is wearing out and I am slowly feeling the pain!

> I slept, slept and slept and finally woke up at 6:00 pm the following day (Sunday). Gee, that anesthesia was HEAVY stuff!

> I complained A LOT and asked the nurses to remove my dextrose (or else I will remove it myself) since the pain is unbearable! Imagine, PAIN in both hands?

> I went home around 9:00 pm last Sunday. The ordeal is over and the wounds are now on its healing process (hopefully!).

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