Friday, June 04, 2004


Random stuff on my head these days. It's pefectly understandable if you will skip this. No offense from yours truly.

Aileen's Felicity Season 1 DVDs are with me and I am watching them like crazy! What's with me and past tv shows and soap operas? There was Dawson's Creek and now...Felicity! I'm even watching Friends' past episodes these days! I've had it BAD! Anyway, back to Felicity. I know that few people can relate to this (as per Aileen and her survey), but Felicity is just tooooo much, she's such a meddler to everyone! I know she has good intentions but sometimes people just want to do their own thing without ANY help from anyone! Felicity just doesn't get it.

I'm having a hard time taking a bath with my usual moisturizers, bath gels and endless bottles and tubes of kikay stuff due to my injury (injury again?! grrr!). So I am just limited to using those easy-to-use-in-pump-bottle products that we have. As I was looking at my mom's stuff this evening, I saw this imported Salt Milk grains and I decided to give it a try. Ooooh! So nice! It has the same effect with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub but this smells like Vanilla. So nice! It's the same one they use in spas for our legs and feet. You'll have smoother and silkier feel after.

Is she giving us her two weeks notice? I was really surprised when my boss told me the other day that she will be on leave until June 16. Whaaat? Now? Did management approved her vacation leave? As in NOW? She told me tha she will be out-of-the country and I can reach her through e-mail. She even dared to ask me to extend my overly-extended (well, as if I am actually "serving" it) grace period since she'll be out! N O! No freakin' way! Out-of-the country? Hmmmm? Or is this her two weeks notice? If she can't beat us...ummm...JOIN US? That's actually a brilliant idea. Quo vadis, Direct Marketing?

I changed it to Fallin' (reminds me of Jen) again from the Harry Potter musical score. HP is ssoooo five minutes ago! Hah! Just kidding. I watched it two nights ago and will try to do a review on the weekend - to avoid spoiling it to the others who are not as atat as me who watched it on its first screening day.

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Such cool stuff! If there's anything you need to convert...videos, music, can do it ALL here! Nice, nice! Make sure that you have all the plug-ins though. I started burning my avi and mpeg files and they automatically decode and convert into mpeg2 when you choose Super Video CD. My FRIENDS episodes are now in CDs! The downside? It will take around 40minutes to decode a 30minute file.

More later.

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