Friday, July 09, 2004


In just a matter of days, I turned into a mouse potato into a couch potato. I've had headaches in the past week because of too much computer so I turned to the boob tube for solace. Gee, it got worse. I've had it bad. I'm so lazy these days. I am on a "saving" mode so I am just here at home (when I am not attending interviews) practically doing nothing. Days are becoming so-so-so and I'm getting a bit bored with the routinary nothingness. Whew! *sigh* This is not what I imagined my break from work would be. Welll...I got to accept it that I'm really made for employment. Barely a month from resignation and I'm dying to work again (gee, I'm sure that I'm going to regret what I just said).

After finishig Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, I decided to have a movie and TV marathon. I watched around 15 episodes of Sex and The City last Wednesday and around 7 last night. I'm done with season 2 (finally) and half-way through season 3. Which reminds me that I have to hit the mall and get my 5 and 6. I am just so so so into the Mr. Big-Carrie plot. I love and pity Aidan and I know a good thing when I see one. Unfortunately, Carrie is not just into him. Period. She still got this big Mr. Big syndrome in her. Don't we have it all? Each of us seems to have our Mr. Bigs in our lives. Those men/women we love to have but cannot have because of so many issues. There's the proverbial non-commitment issue that almost 85% of the men in the universe has and the usual and harder "there's another one and it's not you" thing. (Note: I am still mid-series so I really don't know if Carrie will have him in the end.) However, if they do end up together, can Carrie change him? Will he change for Carrie? Can we change the men/women in our lives so they will fit into our general prospect and idea of happiness and ever after? Beats me.

Some more thoughts...
> I love Carrie's shoes! I love it all. Those Manolos?! Oooohlalala!
> The Charlotte-Trey love story is just soooo laughable. Charlotte is probably the least Cosmo women in the bunch. Even her views in life and love are twisted. Somebody help her!
> Who do you love best? Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte? I love Carrie so much because of her so many love problems. She just had too much! I also love Miranda for being such a strong woman who also has a soft spot once you get it right.
> I cannot forget My Big Fat Greek Wedding whenever I see Aidan. Haha.

Well, can't say much on this one. It's funny but I neither love it nor hate it. It's such a girlie movie. Something struck me lang when I watched it. Angelica, the bartender, asked Pete what kind of love he feels for Rosalee...since there are three kinds (according to her)...

Love - good for two months
Best Love - good for two years
Great Love - it changes your life

One word: whoa!

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (again), Uptown Girls, Chasing Liberty (I recommend! They will tour you through Europe! The guy is meltingly hot so you can just ignore Mandy), Milan (nice acting and plot; i cried buckets)

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