Friday, December 31, 2004

:: ADIEU, 2004! ::

2004 is one year that will truly stand out in the history of my life. It was a year of joy, sadness, elation, loneliness, glee, bitterness, giddiness, trials, triumphs, failures, achievements, accidents, good health, hellos and goodbyes. This is definitely a year of turning points for me.


...I moved back to my parents' place. It's goodbye Alfaro, late nights, midnight cafes and cool city breeze.

...I/we transferred offices from Makati to Sta. Rosa. It's godbye Makati - my second home and one of the best cities ever - and hello hillybilly Sta. Rosa with limited social spectrum to speak of. *sigh*

...I got stressed so much because of work at Honda. There were back-to-back test drives, launch events, meetings, occulars, caffeine-overload, sucky cafeteria food, early mornings, late nights and even MORE late nights.

...I became truly close with my co-workers a.k.a. Mighty friends. They provided shoulders to cry on and lending ears when it became too much to bare at the office. I remember so many bonding and drunken (or coffee) nights at Paseo, Tagaytay and Alabang.

...I bought my all-black, kick-ass computer. I also subscribed to DSL that paved the way for 24/7 downloads! Yahooo!

...I parted ways with three close friends with whom I spent quite a number of bonding nights (and days) last year. Good thing I got one of them back! *wink*

...I became too obsessed and frustrated with work. No need for explanation on this one.

...I got hooked on blogging. It was truly an addicting hobby! It gave way for me to be united to my long-forgotten passion: writing! As icing on the cake, I even made it to the semi-finals of the Philippine Blog Awards. Thanks to Aileen for the inspiration, motivation and html assistance. As the cliche goes: Abbie unReal was born.

...I decided to become cynical and jaded about love and relationships. It's over. I've given up. Enough is enough! It's also the year where I totally ignored Valentine's and all those other mushy couplehood days.

...I/we had the Honda eXcites event at The Fort. It's still one of my most treasured achievements to date. O wala ng kokontra ha! It's mine, all mine!

...I became bestfriends with LiNA. She did not fail me. I received quite a number of interview invitations through her. She's still helping me until this very day. It's definitely one relationship that I will surely keep.

...I made a career out of my new career hunt. Resumes, interviews, what to wear, do's & dont's, job offer, salary negotiations...ask ME about it! Trust me, I know the answers. *wink*

...I entertained thoughts (again) about my ex-One Great Love and the possibility of getting back together. I'm such a rebound/ex-girlfriend hang-over guy magnet so I figured that I'll go to the one who had me first and hoped that he was still harboring feelings for his ex: me, me, me! Hehe. Anyway, it's all in the past and we are now happy with our lives. I'm now relationship-bound with my One Great Love while he's on his commitment-phobic phase due to damaged feelings from his One Great Love. One good thing: Canossa Syndrome = Released. Free. Let Go. Move On.

...I ended my five-year serious relationship with Honda Cars Philippines. My resignation was a painful, bittersweet experience with lots of dramas, fireworks and a five-hour heavy discussion of the past, the present and the future with my manager. My reason: I kept my end of the bargain, they did not. Anyway, all's well, end's well. I'm finally free but it remains to be my biggest heartbreak this year.

...I voted for GMA and rooted for Democrat John Kerry. I so luuuurrrve politics!

...I got into a freak accident involving the ring finger of my right hand. It got chipped off/slightly cut-off when it got jammed on my brother's bedroom door after he slammed it. *oucccchhh* My battlecry: I wouldn't be able to marry! Who would marry a girl with a missing right ring finger?! That's exaggerated, of course. The two reconstructive surgery that I went through brought it back to an almost-normal state. Thank God for Science and Medicine!

..I had my two months and 10 days vacation from life (read: bumming). I've been studying since age three and I immediately took a job two months after graduation. My hiatus from June 16 - August 24 was definitely a welcome break even if I was so pooooor and have to rely on my parents. Hehe.

...I got hooked on Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte (Sex and The City), Dawson, Joey, Pacey & Jen (Dawson's Creek) and Felicity, Noel & Ben (Felicity). I sooooo love them!

...I had one of my most blah birthdays ever! It's no biggie since I find 26 a very odd number.

...I had my hair layered and shortened (unwillingly) after two years and a half of growing it long and straight. It's now below my shouders but layered still.

...I started working at Concepcion-Carrier as Marketing Officer. Days are better, stress are lesser, work is a bit easier, pay is great, scheds are flexi and it's a totally new industry from where I came from.

...I met the One. He befriended me, he made pa-cute, he texted non-stop, he patronized me, he held my hand, he hugged me, he taught me how to open my heart once more, he gave me crap, he broke my heart, he tried to give me up but failed, he went back to me, he fell too deep, he luved me, he introduced me as "his future". Are we finally going to forget the past and face our present? Will I be caught soon? Watch me.

...I had my Baguio vacation. It was truly a memorable trip that I will forever remember. It was also the first time I skipped our annual family "All Saint's Day festivities" and activities in lieu of the City of Pines trip.

...I truly appreciated Red Wine, Bailey's and Mudslide. I am such a late bloomer!

...I did all kinds of "Marketing" work. There were events, below-the-line, above-the-line, promotions, market research & analysis and even public relations. Make up your mind, people! I'm no superwoman!.

...I became Godmother to five wonderful babies. Two of them, Nicole and Isabella, are children of my best girlfriends from Honda, Olen and Dansel.

...I realized so many things about real love, deep commitment and serious relationships. How far will I go? How far will I reach? Am I going to swallow it all? (pun not intended) Is the road less travelled the only way?

...I became crazy with pointed, stilleto heels and danggling, exagerrated earrings. It's also the year when I became too obsessed with all-black fashion - which apparently was too much for my conservative and tradional officemates. It's also the year when I started buying impossibly priced shirts. The shopping gods are definitely happier with my impulsive purchases.

...I got bigger. Let's not talk about this. Please? My 2005 resolution: to be a sexy, trophy girlfriend! Haha! FYI, I'm half-serious.

...I gave thanks to the Lord countless of times for bringing me Aileen, Tin, Charo, Mitzi and Ivy and the long-lasting friendship that we have. It's like having Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda sans New York.

...I had so many great moments and deep passions. I am all about passion. I am passionate on my passions. Abbie is ALL passion.

...I fell truly, madly and deeply in love when I least expected it. It felt so good. It felt SO great. Enough said.

AU REVOIR, 2004!

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