Thursday, December 09, 2004

:: BON VOYAGE, R2! ::

"Can't smile without you!"

This is a long-delayed post. (Hehe!) Pardon me. Been uber-busy. Anyway, we had a smashingly fun surprise despedida dinner for Patty's beloved Raymond aka R2 at Italiannis ATC last Saturday, December 4. Raymond will be vacationing in the US for a month (but you'll be coming back, right? right? right? haha!). Good thing so many mighty friends were in attendance! It's been a while since our last get-together and so many things have changed - like Lee's fantastic new look! She's not just a "Bi" ...she's now a certified Babe with a capital B! It was definitely a night to remember!

Bon VoGage, R2! Pattypot will misssss you!

(Clockwise) GIRLFRIENDS: Olen and Abbie; She, Tin & Jen;
Maids of Honor Gina & Abbie; Babelicious Lee

THE COUPLES: Deng & Jen, Don & Grace and Alex & Gina

Until the next Mighty Night! See yah all at the Christmas Party! Missed you, guys!

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