Friday, December 24, 2004


I haven't been blogging for days. Been busy being Santa. :)
I gave the sweetest, most creative, most thoughtful Christmas gift ever...


Anything first should be memorable. Everything first will always be remembered.
First Christmas is no exception.

I gave him EIGHT treats and named it as EIGHT DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.

WHY 8? Because whenever he's concern, I like 8. Eight defines infinity. Eight is good. We are always happy during 8ths of every month. Here's what I wrote on my first gift to him: The Twelve Days of Christmas is a cliché. One is odd and alone. Three is so common. Five is so imbalanced. Eight is just perfect.

Here's are the goodies he got:

1st Day
A bouquet of flowers delivered to their house

2nd Day
A nice, silver, personalized pen from Parker (something that he needs so much)

3rd Day
Stress Aid Kit (contains medicines, vitamins, chocolates, candies and even a pack of cigs and lighter)

4th Day
Before Sunrise VCD (can't find any original DVD here)

5th Day
My "declaration of love" with matching 100+ reasons why I love him with a twist

6th Day
A CD compilation of our favorite songs and the stories behind them

7th Day
Entries about him from my private blog

8th Day
A nice, splendid, beautiful watch.

He loved it. Who wouldn't? *wink*

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