Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I just got home from Walter and Mabel's Wedding where I am one of the Secondary Sponsors. It was truly a funny "beginning of union". Apparently, wedding is not something unusual for my dear Mabel. She was a jolly, happy, giggling bride free from drama and heavy sentiments like her usual everyday self.

The Newlyweds * MOI! * Me & Kaloy (posing for Aileen)
Camille & Chuckie (again) * Me and Ailyn * My niece Gabbie * The Veil Sponsors
Weenee, Rhea & Cindy's tots * Tito Kaloy & Allie * Ailyn & Kaloy * Sean & Vero

As the title implies, yours truly caught the bouquet! *sigh* Honestly, I love the dreaded bouquet toss and the "race" to catch the bouquet! This was my second time to get it. The first happened around eight years ago (I was 18 old years old and 25 lbs. lighter) on my cousin's wedding. Anyway, I truly "feel it" this time. Hmmm, I wonder why. Mark said that it must be a sign. Haha! *kilig* I just got pissed when the MC kept on repeating: "Abbie will be our next bride, Abbie will be our next bride, Abbie will be our next bride!". Okaaaay! Point taken.

Tonight's joyful ocassion is a good sign of a beginning of a happily ever after.
To Walter & Mabel, best wishes and congratulations!

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