Sunday, January 16, 2005

I've been so busy in the last few days. I was so consumed with work in the last two weeks thus I was so tired and had no time to blog or go on-line. I lasted three whole days without Internet - quite a mean feat for me. Hah! Read on.

One thing that can totally get me down, angry and pissed is when things don't go exactly the way I planned it. Correction, the way I envisioned it. I have this tendency to be a control freak (which is not exactly SO bad). It's just that I go berserk when my plans doesn't materialize due to unforeseen circumstances, forces of nature or with things that doesn't leave me with much choice. Haaaay! I am still a bit disappointed how my weekend turned-out. I've been looking forward to my officemate's Alex wedding since December. We were always planning and talking about it at work. I even made personal plans for it. I adjusted my schedule, made preparations and I even bought a new cape (poncho style) just for the occasion. Come Tuesday, I received an e-mail from my boss about a "short notice" Sales Planning session in Tagaytay this weekend. What?!?! It was disastrous! It took me three days to think of a perfect excuse and escape route since I am so FIGHT and eager to attend the wedding. In the end, I sent an honest e-mail to my boss and told him that I will only attend the morning session "due to prior personal engagement". Bad thinking. I should have gone all out and played hooky instead. Either that or skip the wedding altogether. Awww, why am I such a people pleaser? Why do I always over-extend myself? Bad me.

My "rushed" Saturday started when I met with Luci at McDonald's Bel-Air for my Tagaytay ride. The whole morning was action-packed with discussions and planning with the different Sales group. Lunch came but it took me a while to think and plan for my perfect "escape". I left Tagaytay around 3:00 pm and surrendered to the fact that I wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding rites. I took the Aguinaldo Highway-Coastal route instead of my usual Sta. Rosa-SLEX on my way to Manila. I arrived around 5:15 pm and made my way to one of the salons to have my hair done and to relax and unwind a bit. I cannot go to the wedding looking like a mammoth-ball, right? That's definitely unthinkable! I arrived fashionably late 7ish at the wedding reception feeling tired, slightly incoherent and with a headache (but with a nice cape anyway, haha!). I am still regretful and pissed that I was not able to witness the whole thing. Hay!

A church and state division should definitely be in order.

Smiling Carrier people @ Alex & Elvie's Wedding Reception

Alex and Elvie's Wedding was truly an emotional one. They had the wedding at the Minor Basilica and National Shrine of St. Lorenzo Ruiz (otherwise known as Binondo Church). Alex was a sweet and romantic groom who cannot hold back the tears all throughout the night; and Elvie was a beautiful, excited bride who fascinated us with their love story and other interesting anecdotes of their romantic life together. They are so much in love! Congratulations and Best Wishes!



1. What's with 2005 and being emotional? Almost all of my close friends are affective lately. Problems about men, lovelives (or the lack thereof), exes and hang-ups are cropping up everywhere. Does it something to do with the movement of the planets? Or the impending Year of the Rooster? Hmmm? Anyway, I will try to be a good friend and. isten more. As my favorite cliche goes: there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Lulu Tan Gan is one of the best local designer around! I bought one of her creations from Tan Gan and it was truly fab! I'll definitely buy more, I so love those knits. They will have a sale end of the month! Yahoo!

3. Speaking of Sale. It's sale, sale, sale everywhere! No wonder the malls are still crowded even post-holiday. For mall-rats like me who don't like the long queue and the crowd, there's still weekdays and early morning shopping. Try it.

4. My hatest clothing prints are pastel florals and I now have more reasons to hate it. In my opinion, It's ONLY for the beach and it should stay there. Live with it.

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