Sunday, February 13, 2005

So busy, no time to update, and I'm still having writer's block. Here's a quickie:

~ I just came home from Planet Dive @ glorious Anilao with Marky and his friends Yods & Jeff. I had my Intro Dive this morning and it was uber-fantastic. "I wish I am a fish!" It's truly a great one-of-a-kind feeling when you're under the sea. Planet Dive also provides a relaxing and stimulating ambiance that is so irresistible. I almost finished my book! More later.

I read a book in the middle of the water!

~ I am savoring the last few chapters of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Yep, I only reading it just now. Unbelievable but true. I already have several insights and thoughts about it. I'll blog about it as soon as I am finished.

~ I had dinner with Bim & Olen, Jen & Deng and Weng last Thursday @ ATC to catch up on our recent resignations. It was fun! Jen was quite on her 'Bailey's mood' and Weng still hasn't lost his touch in making us laugh after his two beer minimum.

Me, Weng and Jen
Bim and Olen

~ I also met with my 'Forces' pals (aka Bestfriends from Highschool) after dinner last Thursday and went to see True Faith and Barbie's Cradle at 19 East. For details, check out Aileen's blog. She's a better writer and storyteller than me. I also swiped from her some of the night's pictures. The artwork is also hers. Thanks, girl!

Charo, Aileen, me and Tin @ 19 East

Charo & Aileen * Me & Tin
P.S. I luuurrve the shine of my hair!

~ It's back to the job hunt again. I am waiting for this certain 'good' company's final decision. I hope that I will get in since I am not up to do the crazy hunt that I did last year again. I so wanted that. Please pray, ok?

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