Sunday, February 20, 2005


Valentine's has long become an ordinary day for me, whether I am single or otherwise. It used to be a big thing since along with it were memorable occasions like proms and balls. But that was in highschool - when everything was still tweetums and sweet. It was a different ballgame when I became an adult. It became an overly-commercialized and exaggerated day where lovers and those in a relationship has an excuse to dress up, be extra nice, give flowers and go to fancy restaurants. Well, to each his own. It's not just my thing. I believe that I am so anti-Valentine's because I am actually a sucker for romance and love. I am a slave of love! I love love! I truly believe that love should be spontaneous and heart-felt. It's not something with a date, a schedule and a plan. It's something that should be celebrated each moment of the day. It should not always be candle-light dinners with violins in the background. It can be as simple as hanging out and watching old movies together in house clothes.

Enjoy Love!

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