Sunday, January 29, 2006


After ignoring all recent celebrations and holidays without a mere's one: KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! Wishing everyone "doggybagful" success and blessings! :)

Shangri-La's Tikoys

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Clearly the best looking tikoys I've ever seen - fresh from Makati Shangri-la.
From us to our Chinese friends. :)



1. Sunday mornings DOESN'T exist for me. It's usually reserved for sleeping and resting. Marge owe me big time for making me go with her to some "junket" thing (which I cannot mention here) this morning only to find out that it was postponed for next week. Grrrr! She was also pissed by what happened so we swing by ATC where I got some nasty boots from Naf Naf.

2. I am so in love....with SIMS 2!!! :) My quest is to find Bella Goth at all cost!

3. Three things I don't want to hear about my PC: REFORMAT. RE-INSTALL. UPGRADE. But that exactly what happened two weekends ago when my computer "almost" gave up after my numerous SIMS downloads. My computer is quite a kick-ass but it's now two years old and new technologies have been discovered since. It's a pretty speedster but I hate waiting and I want it faster and more reliable. With a shrug, I bought an all-original XP Home OS with Service Pack 2 (NO to piracy's my new mantra), made a back-up, and did a reformat. I am now contemplating on upgrading from a 256 to a 512 RAM and my video card needs some serious help if I am really serious on this 'gaming' business. Soon.

4. Life at GY Philippines is still the same. Busy as usual.

5. I am so addicted to the Crush Calculator. Try it! You'll surely enjoy. Find out what's in store for you and that special someone. Thanks to Pam for the link.

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