Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am now 28 years old and still can't believe it. This IS and SHOULD be a pivotal age for me. I have big plans and dreams "when I turn 28!" ever since I can remember. The clock started ticking and I have 365 days to fulfill those dreams & plans and make them realities.

The celebration started a few hours before 12mn. I had dinner and coffee at ATC with my bestest friends Tin, Charo and Jako. We initially planned "the countdown" in Tagaytay but as usual we were not able to go for various reasons. We were always like that. Things and activities with us are better if done in spur-of-the-moment rather than seriously planned. Anyway, we still had fun. Too bad Aileen wasn't able to join since she was sick and not feeling well. It actually feels weird since we generally don't "celebrate" our birthdays together (with the exception of Aileen's where we do something fun each April).

Pre-birthday Dinner at Gerry's Grill Alabang Town Center
Pre-Birthday dinner & coffee @ ATC with Tin, Charo
(check out the nasty jacket! i'm so envious!) & Jako

Charo, Jako, Tintin and I
We miss Aileen!

Our dinner conversations were composed of Charo's future plans, our planned trip to LaUnion/Pangasinan early next month, music, highschool memories as usual (mostly from Jako and I), prospects, career & work, past Octoberfests, and Aileen's recent OB visit (we truly had a laugh, girl!). We went to Seattle's Best to cap the night. Thus I started August 12, 2006 with a cup of Mint Tea.

Seattle's Best Mint Tint
Seattle's Best Mint Tea - my new favorite!

I had on, off, and sporadic sleeps from 3:00 to 7:00 am. I kept on waking up every two hours for weird reasons. My ringing cellphone finally woke me up around 7:00 am. The caller was Mark waking me up to wish me Happy Birthday and to tell that he was sick in bed and would not be able to attend his God Daughter Sam's 2nd birthday party. Sam is our officemate's (from Carrier) Ariel and Jonah's baby who luckily has the same birth date as her Tita Abbie (making her one of my favorites). I attended the party which was held at Jollibee Festival Mall like last year (the Birthday Girl is fond of the Bee and its Kiddie Meals). I haven't seen Sam since her last party and was so surprised since she's grown so much. She's so cute and gentle!

With Sam and Aimee
With Li'l Birthday Girl Sam and my former sparring partner Aimee

Almost all of my former officemates from Marketing and Applied Sales were in attendance. The party was, of course, full of cute kids!!! I finally met Clive and Marcky - sons of Willie and Ping - both adorable and now 11 months old. I was also reunited with my old sparring partner, Aimee, whom I miss so much. I also had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pose with Hetty Spaghetti, my childhood favorite (beat that!).

Abbie with Jollibee's Hetty and the funny hat
Hetty Spaghetti and I

Carrier People
Luci, Toni, Aimee and I at Sam's Party

My friends and officemates were kindda surprised when I told them that I spent my birthday alone. I did not plan anything major for the day and just decided to go where the tides will lead me. It actually made me happy. It was a happy adventure. I was able to do the pampering things I've been planning for weeks but doesn't have the time. I had an uber-nice shiatzu massage, went to Dental Gems for cleaning, spent a great amount of time at Powerbooks in search for the perfect chick-lit read, had a relaxing facial (Dermclinic is still the hands-down best for me - a little too much but it's your face you're investing on, right?) and went for waxing & threading. I came out relaxed, better and a little bit 'shinier'.

This is a yearly tradition - to list down and post the most memorable SMS birthday greetings and wishes that were sent to me. I added a few description about the senders.

"Hey! Happy Birthday! Kamusta na? Sorry I couldn't wait until 12mn. I'm sick so have to go back to sleep. Miss you! Hope everything is okay at work and with your lovelife. Mwah!"
- Kat (my best friend from college; haven't seen her in 10 months but we planned something for next weekend with our other friends)

"Happy Birthday! We are never old! People think I'm 25. Imagine how young you seem!"
- Mark (an uber-special friend)

"How do you measure a year? In daylights, sunsets, midnights, cups of laughter and strife. Remember the love. Measure your life in seasons of love. I hope you have a lot of these seasons to look back on and wishing you many more to come! Happy Happy Birthday!"
- Tisha & Ret (she's my college dorm friend in Assumption who's a constant matchmaker until now; Ret's her boyfriend)

"Hami Mertney Nu U! Hami Mertney Nu U! Hami Mertney, Hami Martney, Hami Mertney Nu U! Wi Nab U!
- Wate & Mabel (she's one of my oldest friends from highschool, she always remembers!)

"Happy Birthday, Abs! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace! Enjoy!"

- Binchy (teammate, cubemate, ultimate 'bully', occassional savior)

"Hey, Twin! Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day. Wishing you the best in life. Take Care! Miss you! Mwah!"
- Ivy (one of my bestest friends and ultimate highschool buddy, one of the 20% of "my girls"/Forces of Nature, she's in Canada now living the life)

"Wishing you nothing but the best this world can offer. I will always be here for you no matter what happens. See you around my friend!"
- Jovet (a new found friend from work)

"Hoist! Happy Birthday!!! Mag-treat ka pag nasa ATC ako. Will advise you pag may client call ako! Enjoy your day!!!"
- Fred (a Honda Club survivor, we used to hang out a lot with the other HCPers back in 2003)

"As we grow older, we loosen our grasp on trying to be perfect in every way. We realize that its more important to be human and happy than to be perfect. Happy Birthday, Abbie! I hope you finally find the happiness you seek!"

- Marge (one of my closest from work)

"I just woke up, naalala agad kita! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mwah*Hugs! May you experience extraordinary joy today! God Bless!"

- Aileen (a friend who always stood by, one of the bridesmaids to my wedding, one of my greatest blessings)

"Ei Girl! A very delayed HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm digitally cut-off during weekends. Hehe! Hope you had a good one!"
- Reggie (my Honda/Carrier friend who always had my back!)

There you go. I was truly touched since a lot of people remembered my day. My cellphone was non-stop with messages and wishes from friends, present and past co-workers, cousins & relatives, old classmates & dormmates, and even suppliers.

I got home around 9:00 pm after a hearty Japanese dinner. I spent the remaining hours of my birthday buried in a chick-lit book called "Something Borrowed" with a glass of red wine while listening to mellow music. I dozed off with a sigh..."It was a well spent birthday!".

Capping the night with good books and wine

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