Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's actually waiting for the FOUR hams (and the two butters).

The numerous hams and butters are just some of the fringe benefits for Christmas that I will get if this certain "amazing" company decides to hire me as one of their key people to further build their already strong brand and provide excellent service for their 25M consumers nationwide. But that is getting ahead of the story. Let’s start from the beginning.

It was the 3rd Saturday of February when I updated once again my aging resume. I seriously got weary revising it since my used-to-be 2-pager bio turned into a 4-page strong. My Goodyear milestones alone occupied a whole page! Whew, I really accomplished a lot (this is MY blog and this is ME speaking). I immediately uploaded it to my Jobstreet and JobsDB accounts and sent it to all the headhunters I know (Binch helped a lot by giving me a lengthy list of contacts!). The result was seven (7) wonderful calls from prospective employers to date. They are all good companies which I can choose from.

Here I am...two months after! : )
I already got an offer out of the seven but I declined it despite the fact of the tempting "choose whatever car" car plan it offered. I am now down to two of my top choices. I'm almost grasping the other one when the other company called again after a month's hiatus.

The first company is a multinational Chinese-owned specializing in "some" home fixtures. It's great, good and wonderful. I checked their website and I immediately saw myself working there. I envisioned myself in my corner office with the creativity of the department all around me. I am very much recommended by the headhunter and the HR guy who interviewed me and immediately referred me to the VP of Marketing after the initial assessment. Unfortunately, the honchos in the company are undergoing some training and I was advised to wait until May for the next batch of interviews.

The second company - the one with the Christmas hams and butters - is THE ultimate top choice. It's one of the most coveted companies in the Philippines today. It's the "new" P&G and Unilever of this day and age. Being considered for a position is quite an honor already. I actually don't want to blog about this yet for fear of jinxing my chances of getting in. But I believe that I'm already blessed for reaching the final interview.

I've always wanted to work in the industry where the second company belongs. It's fast-paced, very "now", challenging and competitive. I was surprised when I got the initial call for an interview almost two months ago. I was interviewed by one of the HR Officers and she told me that my application might take at least a month to process since the hiring bosses are quite choosy on their candidates. I think I did well in that first interview but there were no replies when I made my follow-up weeks after. I forgot about the application and moved on. So I was really surprised when they called again two Fridays ago for another interview with the hiring manager (my future boss if ever). I came in very "armed" and FIGHT for that interview. I had with me my portfolio and sample works from Honda and Goodyear. I even did some research about the company and the position being offered. It was such a very nice and lengthy interview. It gave me a chance to discuss the things that I've been doing in the last eight years in marketing, communications and advertising. The interview lasted for almost an hour and we even made initial discussions on salary, benefits and how soon I can start. It was definitely a good interview. I even got the call for the third and final interview 24 hours after that interview. I was accompanying our dealers in getting their Adidas-Goodyear shoes at SM Megamall when I got the call and it made me very very happy. This is IT. I'm almost there. The final interview was scheduled this morning.

So....I had the interview this morning. The interviewer was no less than the Head of the Department. I was told by my "future officemates" that I am really blessed and lucky to reach this far. I think I did well. I think I answered correctly all of the questions. We discussed a bit about the moolah and she asked how soon I can join them. We even had a conversation about Assumption and my Internet Service Provider (I recently subscribed to their newest broadband wireless). She did not give any assurance that I am in but there were no indications that I am out either. I think my foot is already inside the door but I cannot assume and presume YET at this point. I really want this. I am uber-passionate about it and its products and services. I think its a FIT. I can be happy - as in really happy - with all of its 33 floors waiting to be explored and experienced. I decided to blog about it NOW since I am still in euphoria about it...for tomorrow...I wait. I hope that this will be the ONE.

I can't wait for the bountiful hams come Christmas. Please pray. : )

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