Tuesday, May 08, 2007

PBB HouseI swear that this is the most "groupie/fan thing" that I ever did in my entire life! Since I owe my sister-in-law for cooking some fantastic eggs for breakfast the other day, I took her and my niece to the most famous house in the land - the Pinoy Big Brother House - at No. 18 E. Lopez Drive at ABS-CBN.

The short and usually quiet E. Lopez Drive is lately full of vehicles (and traffic) brought by the handful of people who's constantly checking the popular reality TV's dwelling. The house is especially a must-go for followers and fans this week since the nine (9) remaining housemates (plus the two new mommy housemates) are busy selling summer goodies and coolers for the benefit of the Binon-an Elementary School in Iloilo. The housemates' task dubbed as "Summer-yenda ni Kuya" offered banana-q, halo-halo and samalamig to the general public to help raise fund amounting to P300,000 for the school.

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The giant PBB piggybank and backpack where people can donate money, school books and school supplies for the kids of Bino-an Elementary School

Since the members of our family are PBB fans (we never miss an episode and is "this" close to subscribing to the 24/7 live stream), my sis-in-law Chay, my niece Gabbie and I went there the other day to buy some of the wares that the housemates are selling. The halo-halo is a rip-off at Php 50.00, the samalamig is too sweet, and Chay had to stand in line for an hour and a half for our 6 orders of banana-q, 1 halo-halo and 2 samalamig. But since it's for charity...then it's okay.

Ex-housemates Wendy, Maricris and Zeke were there selling the foodies but we missed them by a couple of minutes.

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