Friday, June 08, 2007

I got this li'l quiz from Arianne. It's fun to do and I'm so bored here at home. So, here you go... and take a peek on my cellphone. Try this, too! : )

What is the color of your phone? Black

Who's the first person who comes under the letter M? Mabel, my long-time friend from high school.

Who's the last person you called? Zyra, the secretary of the PLDT Clinic. I called to ask if the results of my 2nd FBS test is already in.

Who was your last missed call from? Weng, one of my good guy friends from Honda.

Who's the 2nd person who comes up under D? Dansel, my Girlfriend-Mare from Honda.

Who's speed dial 2? Ched, my brother.

Who's the third person who comes up under J? Jam, HR Officer from Smart.

Who was your last received call? Weng, also.

Who's speed dial number 3? Aileen, one of my bestest friends.

What is your background? Blue and white MTV-style background theme which I downloaded weeks ago. It's uber-cool!

How many text messages do you have? I have 15 messages in my Inbox and 30 in my Sent Folder. I always delete my messages.

What does the fifth message in your inbox say? "Hi, Binchy and Abbie. Don't forget our dinner get-together later at 6:30 pm, Una Mas, Greenbelt. See yah!" - Message was from Ros, one of my good friends from Goodyear. She's treating us to dinner because she lost some bet against Eric.

Who's the first person under B? Bambi of STI Corporate.

Who was your last text message from? It was from Bim. He told me to check the cables of my monitor and CPU. I'm having some PC problems. :(

Name every person you have text messages from. Bim (Olen's hubby), Olen (Bim's wifey and one of my bestest friends), Ros, Tere (one of my Honda gal pals), Mart (a friend from HS), Bruce (a good friend from Baguio) and Red Box (info on of their promos)

Who's the ninth person on your missed call list? Millicent of C! Magazine

What does the sixth message in your Sent Folder say? "Sira ka talaga! I can't. Next time. Sama natin sila Olen!" - It was a reply to Tere who was convincing me to got to Punta Fuego with her this weekend.

Who's the first name in your phonebook? My name - Abbie. I am usually the first name on friends' phonebooks thus I get a lot of missed text and missed calls from everybody.

Who is the last name in your phonebook? Zennia, Raymond's sister and my former AE at C! Magazine/Manifesto/Evo. THIS last place at my phonebook was once occupied by a special person. Oh, well.

Do you have a camera phone? Yes.

Who is the last friend under G? Grace, my friend from Honda.

What does the last text message in your inbox say? "Hi! How are you?" - Message was from Bruce.

Who is the second person under K? Karla of Ogilvy PR, my trusted AE when I was still in Goodyear.

What is your ringtone? Rent's Season of Love

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