Sunday, June 10, 2007

I've been out of Goodyear for more than two weeks now and I must say that I already miss the people I left behind. I don't miss the gazillion work and the endless nights but I definitely miss the company of friends and the people I worked with for more than two years.

So, it was really a welcome change from boredom when I had dinner with my Goodyear friends Binchy, Ros and Eric at Una Mas, Greenbelt 2 last Friday. My friends and I absolutely love and crave Spanish dishes. Our favorite Spanish restaurants include Minggoy's, Azul at SM Mall of Asia, and Una Mas. We especially love the Angus Beef, Paella, Spanish Sausages and Paella Negra that were served at the sumptuous buffet. We, of course, also ordered one of the best cheesecakes we ever tasted - Toblerone Cake. We first had a taste of it at Fork The Fort (from the same owner of Una Mas) and we've been hooked since.

We capped the night at the very noisy Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where Karl, Ros' hubby and my future officemate, met us.

Here are some of our snaps:

Binchy, me, Ros & Eric Eric & Binchy Me, Ros & Eric Me, Binch & Eric Binch, Ros & Eric Binch and I

Click here for more pictures.


I'm in-between jobs right now. The next job, my ultimate choice (back-read if you must), was already offered to me weeks ago. I am very happy about it but I cannot be fully excited...YET. I am still in the process of completing my medical exam requirements. I already stumbled a few roadblocks on it but I hope that I would be able to get the final results by early this week so I can settle things. Tuned in.

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