Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am known for my unexpected and funny stories and one-liners. I had several quips today which actually made me think and reminisce a bit. I spent the evening visiting Olen with my other Honda gal pals Jen and Greys. Aside from seeing new-born Maxine (Olen and Bim's second daughter), the evening was also unforgettable because Jen lost her fasyon Sony Ericsson cellphone and I tripped and hit my right foot near the gate of Cittadela (it is so *ouch* until now). Yeah, weird night.

I digress. Now back to my one-liners.

Olen, Jen, Greys and I were at Nicole's room this evening when I suddenly asked Jen how much is a Veluz Gown (Veluz Gowns are designed by Veluz Reyes which Jen considered before for her January '06 Wedding ).

Abbie: Jen, how much is a Veluz Gown?
Jen: Medyo mahal. I inquired before. I showed her the design I want and she quoted high.
Abbie: Talaga?
Jen: Oo. Kasi diba my gown has a lot of beadings?
Abbie: Oo nga pala. Ano sabi ng mga W@wie? Mahal daw kay Veluz?
Jen: I don't know, mga (insert amount here).
Abbie: Kasi yung friend ko na ikakasal she's considering Veluz yata for her gown. Sabi ko mag-join ng W@W (a.k.a. Weddings@Work - the one-stop website and on-line community for Filipino brides).
Jen: Diba nag join ka din sa W@wie dati?
Abbie: Oh, yeah! Akala ko kasi ikakasal na ko eh.
Greys: Talaga??
Abbie: Yeah, I thought I'll get married na in 2008.
Greys: 2008? Next year na yon ah?
Abbie: Oo nga. Pero wala na yon. Kalimutan nyo na yon.
Olen: Malay mo!
Abbie: Wala na! Wala na yung Groom. Wala na sya!
Greys: Malay mo may ma-meet ka tapos 2008 pa din wedding?
Abbie: Tapos papakasal kami next year? No. Not going to happen. Ganon kabilis?
Olen: Nangyayari yung ganon ha!

Am I bitter? Not anymore. Have I accepted things? Yes, I think so. Its been a long time since the last time I wrote something about my past relationship and feelings. I actually miss blogging about it. I haven't given up on love altogether but I must say that it would really take a lot for me to fall again once more. What happened the last time was not a laughing matter. I expected a lot and it broke and ruined me in a way I cannot possibly imagine.

I believe that I am already moving on gracefully. For months (years even?) I've been yearning for inner peace and I believe that I'm finally getting there. Its actually funny when you reminisce the good and the bad times and you'll suddenly realized how strong you have become since.

I am a heartbreak survivor and proud of it. Whew!

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