Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Abbie!

This is one of the quietest birthdays I've ever had. I had a lot of things going on last week so I wasn't able to plan anything big with friends and family. I spent most of the day catching up on sleep then I had YM Conference with my dearest Aileen and Tin in the afternoon. My family and I went to mass in the evening and I bought a cake and a bucket of KFC for dinner. I just want it simple. After all, like what I told a friend last night, I feel that I've already received the gifts I wanted for this year. Well, most of it anyway. I have low expectations for today but I must say that I got a couple of surprises that caught me off guard a little bit. God is really listening to me today since I got an answer (almost immediately) to my wish and theme this year of "moving on and leaving the baggage and hurts of the past" as soon as I wrote it here in my blog.

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I swear...the numbers are mocking ME!

Here's my yearly tradition of top Birthday Messages received:

Happy Birthday!
~ Mark
(Like last year and the year before that, he was the first person who greeted me. I thanked him and asked if my first birthday greeting was a sign from heaven. We laughed it off, of course.)

Midnight na! Happy Happy Birthday! Wish ko sa'yo? Sana matupad wish mo! Hehe! At sana makita na natin ang mga photos! Hehe! Take Care! *hugs*
~ Tin
(It's in sentimental and milestone moments like this when I miss one of bestest friends, Tin, the most. 08-12-08 a.k.a. The Big Three-Oh will be spent in BJ - I hope!)

Ms. Abbie! Happy Birthday! I know that the best years in your life are yet to come so enjoy each day as it comes. God Bless!
~ Kathy
(She's one of my girls from the office. Her message of 'the best years are yet to come' inspired me a lot. The age twenty-nine can be scary but her message proved that maybe life only just began for me and the best is yet to come! Horay!)

Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday, happy birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :-) Welcome to the 29 and Still Freaking Single Club :p
~ Aileen
(One of my bestest girlfriends, Aileen, sent me a more inspiring birthday message than this but I prefer this cynical one that she sent via Multiply. I also made fun of her when she turned 29 last April. Cheers to the PACT, girlfriend!)

Hey Abbie. Happy Birthday! As always, wish ko that you find THE ONE na talaga who will take care of you and make you happy. Hope to see you soon. Mwah!
~ Kat
(She's my bestfriend from college who's always straight to the point about my singleness. She's just a building apart from me yet we cannot find the time to see each other. Sad.)

Abbie! I almost missed your birthday! Happy Happy 29th Birthday!!! Isang taon na lang, 30 ka na! Hehehe!
~ Chey
(She's a friend from my dorm in college who will soon be disowned for pointing the obvious (just kidding, Chey) who never forgets. We coined the term "Aug12, Oct27 and Sept21" back in the dorm days so we wouldn't forget each other's birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Abs. I left you a message on your blog, too. Are you with the girls? Say HI na lang. I will see you soon, ok? Hey, ako na bahala doon sa laptop sleeve. : )
~ Mitzi
(She's one of my dearest and oldest friends who's also part of the gorgeous and popular Forces of Nature. She will be home soon with my laptop sleeve! Thanks, Mitz (and Darwin!) - not only for the gift but for always reading my non-sense writing.)

Happy birthday Abs! It's amazing how much we've learned about life since we met, huh? I wish you HAPPINESS and PEACE which are the best things to have (and love syempre, pero kahit wala yun, basta may PEACE, oks na...)
~ Kelly
(She's one of my Honda gal pals who's now living the ultimate beach life at The Maldives. I met Kelly - and the other Mighty girls - early on my 20s and its amazing how successful we all became since. Cheers to the good ol' Salustiana days!)

Happy Birthday! Stay Beautiful! Pa-toma ka naman!
~ Ryan
(He's a batch higher than me and he's my first-ever highschool crush - a fact unknown to many. He left the message in my Friendster. He's so funny and one of the coolest guy back in highschool. Hmm?)

Aside from the many messages, so many friends called and greeted me via YM, Multiply, e-mail, Friendster, etc. Thanks for all those who remembered! Since birthdays are synonymous to being sentimental, I also sent three well-meaning messages of thanks to Ros, Twiggy and Guds. They are three friends of mine (from different circles) who were truly God's gift to me especially this year. I just recently reconnected and "discovered" them and they truly helped me a lot in some difficulties this year. Aww!


I had a simple dinner celebration with my Goodyear friends - Binch, Ros, Eric, John - last Friday after arriving from Cebu. I went straight to Alabang from the airport. We had a fun night dining at Lasa! (it's a Filipino place where they serve eat-all-you-can) in Festival Mall. Binch and I used to frequent it a lot last year when we were doing our Goodyear Marketing Plan slides and presentations. John also joined us and we were all amused by his stories and work tales all night.

Here are some snaps:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, this is the penultimate year before the BIG one. I hope and pray that this will be more fruitful, rewarding and happier than the previous years. Let us all wait and see! Come and celebrate the journey!

Happy 29th to me!

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