Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am socially tired!

I attended three parties, a get-together and a wedding last week on top of a full work load. Whew! Whataweek! Since I am so busy for the holidays I decided to just post a quickie for all the events last week. I am actually not inspired to write and blog but I received a lot of "I bet you will put it in your blog" comments from my friends and co-workers whenever I bring out my Canon.

So, to all my gazillion fans (?!), this one's for you! Hope you are included in the truckloads of pictures ahead!

Here we go.

Embassy Super Club, The Fort
December 17, Monday

I attended SMART and Sony Ericsson's Christmas Party together with Kathy, Maffin , Anthony, their friends, and some CCOs. The event is partly work since we were tasked to monitor some stuff at the event. The party was also the launch of the two new Cybershot phones, the K770i and the K850i, which will be first available at SMART.

Me @ Embassy
Me at the par-tay!

Even tissue paper were not spared
Even tissue papers and holders were not spared! :)

Since the theme is 24K the entire area of Embassy were stylishly adorned by accents of Gold. The theme also complemented the new and bigger Marie Antoinetteish look of Embassy. The program was relatively short but sweet. We also raffled two of the new phones and some vacation getaways to subscribers and media guests.

Me with Ester and Patricia
With Patricia and Ester

Frank, Maffin, Anthony and JL

With Kathy and Jaja

Antz and I

We had a fun time at the party. There were dancing, lots of snapshots, and loads of alcohol! It was my first time to drink since my surgery so I was quite out of it at the end of the night. Tipsy on a Monday is quite weird but it surprisingly gave me a sweet and nice sleep that night!

More pictures here.


Temple Bar & Restaurant, Greenbelt 2
December 19, Wednesday

I had mega-effort for this party. Department parties are always the best since it brings the best in our co-workers (read: people literally transform themselves). I missed them a lot since we don’t have parties like this in my last company.

At the red carpet

This year's theme for our Customer Care party is Black & White so we were all required to wear either black and white or solids. There was even a red carpet and a photo spot at the entrance of Temple. I wore a simple shimmery shiny black top with white accents then I adorned it with a wide belt under a leggings. The idea is retro so my hair was semi-tied with a slight bump in the middle.

NLN delivering his Christmas message to us

Bosses and guests enjoying the night

BSD Women

Team BSD

All my officemates were on their very best attire and hairstyles. There were also dancing (from the regional managers), singing (from our two bosses) and an inter-department dance showdown. I was supposed to be one of the Red Carpet correspondents and floor hosts but we have to cut it short due to time constraints. I enjoyed seeing my co-workers in a non-office environment, the “rampa”, and the never-ending snapshots were great, too. Crush also looked nice that night. :)

More pictures here.

Masas Greenbelt 2 / Starbucks SLEX
December 19, Wednesday

and Tin are both back! Mitzi is home for the holidays and Tin is back from Beijing!

It’s been four long years since we bid Mitzi goodbye at the airport. Since she’s only staying for two weeks it was very difficult for us to schedule a get-together that will fit everyone’s crazy timetables. So we decided to meet last December 19 at Masas which is just right next door at our department party at Temple.

Tin is also back (for good?) from her Beijing stint. She came home two weeks ago but we were so busy so we only saw her this week. We were always in YM, anyway.

Dinner at Masas, Greebelt 2

Hey, Mitzi! That's MY LV you're holding! :)

It was nice to them both again! But thanks to all things on-line we are still updated with each other’s lives. We did a lot of catching up while we feast on Filipino dishes, Starbucks and picture-taking. I really really enjoyed our get-together. It was the gem of my action-packed week. It’s also been a while since I last saw Charo and Aileen so the gabfest went on until the wee hours.

Love 'em so!

iMitzi and the iPhone

Starbucks and gifts - perfect combination!

Immortalizing a favorite crazy pose

Repeating a four year old pose at Petron SLEX. Thanks to Kodak's wide angle!

They also gave me great gifts! Mitzi even gave me a Louis Vuitton bag! Thanks, gals! I still owe you Christmas gifts! Let’s see each other again before Mitzi’s flight back to LA!

World Trade Center, Manila
December 21, 2007

The icing of my week is SMART's Company wide Christmas party that was held last Friday at the World Trade Center.

Calling our Christmas party grand is an understatement. HR did a very good job in the preparation and in the execution of the event. It was the best company wide party ever! It can even rival some of the product launches and dealer conferences I’ve attended and handled in the past. Nice choice of host (Edu Manzano), the AVPs and slides were well-executed, lights and sounds were superb, and the production numbers from each division were made-for-TV-variety-shows.

Christmas Party SMART style!

Our famous inflatables outside WTC

The theme for this year is “Pa6katan Sa Bagong Kalawakan” or reinvention. The 5 groups who performed and even the speeches were attuned to the theme. The program started with Opening Remarks from our dear President, Napoleon L. Nazareno. NLN gave good reviews for the year and reported the success we achieved. We reach our stretch targets (as usual) and we are to close the year with 30 million subscribers.

My good friend Twiggy from our Public Affairs Department

Go, CCare!!!

Our division (as usual again) won in the department presentations where our reps revitalized Celine Dion. I was truly surprised with the department presentations. It was performance to the highest level complete with props and production designs. I never thought that it would be that great (but I later realized that it had to be since the top prize at stake was 50 grand). Other groups performed Gary V., Michael Jackson, Madonna and Ricky Martin. I was in awe with our representatives’ performance since Celine Dion is very hard to “translate” since she never actually revitalized herself compared to the other artists I’ve mentioned.

The most awaited and the most applauded part of the night was our Chairman MVP’s (Manny V. Pangilinan) “annual announcement” at the end of the night. Edu called him on stage to play “SMART Game Ka Na Ba?”. There were several questions that Edu asked that MVP gamely and wittingly answered.

As expected the final question was:

What do you think is the right number? (16, 17, 18 or 19?)

MVP’s answer to that is a historical "TWENTY TWO"!.

Every SMARTee knows what the last question is all about but I never expected how sweet his answer will be.

It is indeed a Happy 22 Christmas! Woohoo!

[Photo Credits to Aileen, Mitzi and Marj.]

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