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They say that scandals only last for 13 days (more or less two weeks). After that people will forget about it, they will move on from it, and another new scandal will break out to be talked about. This is not the case for Brian Gorell's blog on DJ Montano and his Gucci Gang friends. It's been more than two weeks and it's still being talked about by Filipinos from all walks of life. It's one of the biggest scandal to date that involves members of Manila's high society. In fact, I believe that its peak is not YET within us for it hasn't reach yet the popular mainstream channels. A lot were already inflicted and the end is nowhere in sight. It surely opened a can of worms.

My blog hits grew 50% higher this week because of my previous post on it so I decided to post an update for the benefit of those readers who doesn't have the patience of reading Brian's long blog and posts.

1. Brian is still demanding payment from his ex-boyfriend, DJ Montano, for the $70,000 that DJ asked from Brian as a silent investment for a restaurant that they were supposed to put up. He posted receipts and forms from Western Union as proof of transfer.

2. To put pressure on DJ, Brian exposed the "activities" of DJ and the Gucci Gang. Members include high-flyers Celine Lopez, Tim Yap, Tina Tinio, Jackie Cohen-Antonio, Xeng Zulueta, Wendy Puyat, Chut Cuerva, Hindy Weber Tantoco, Marcel Crespo, Ana Angara, Jenni Epperson and some others.

3. The Gucci Gang "activities" related by Brian includes excessive use of cocaine and drug addiction, infidelity of a certain member that led to her separation, freeloading in hotels and restaurants,  and Boracay sexcapades and juicy stories that can make one forget about the ZTE brouhaha. Some were really unnecessary but Brian said he's posting them to put pressure on DJ and his friends.

4. National broadsheet Philippine Star is already involved. Brian's latest article called for a boycott on the paper since it employs Celine, DJ and Tim as Lifestyle writers. Philippine Daily Inquirer is capitalizing on this angle and it kept on writing about the blog day after day. They even featured an exclusive interview on Brian to "justify" his existence.

5. Brian wrote on one of his posts the way DJ and his friends had him arrested because of a physical fight that they had at The Peninsula as a result of their break-up. I think that this was also the incident that triggered Brian to start the blog. Talk about "crime of passion".

6. The comments section was re-opened several days ago. It was at times juicier than the actual posts. Some popular names and who's who are posting there! This is war!

I don't know when and how will this end. There are rumors that the Gucci Gang are now in hiding because of shame and fear of public ridicule. Tim Yap already had his say on the issue and wrote something on his weekly column about it. DJ's lawyers already got in touch with Brian but he refused to cooperate (it was actually a poorly written demand letter if I may say).

Goodluck to all of them! Until next time!

Gossip Girl


Speaking of Gossip Girl, our favorite Upper East Siders will be back on TV on Monday, April 21 with five new episodes for Season 1! Here's a spoiler straight from Entertainment Weekly.

Where We Left Off: The Upper East Side's social hierarchy was thrown for a loop after ambitious Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) usurped Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) as queen bee. Dethroned and depressed, Blair attempted to skip town, but BFF Serena (Blake Lively) managed to stop her at the helipad.

Up Next: "I would say one of the big headlines on the next five episodes is definitely the Blair-and-Jenny power struggle," says creator Josh Schwartz. Look for the newly manipulative Jenny to even attempt to seduce Nate (Chace Crawford), although he'll find comfort in GG's resident outcast, Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). It's just the beginning of what Schwartz promises are five "explosive" episodes. The fireworks come courtesy of Georgina Sparks, a visitor from Serena's past who reveals the true reason why Serena left town. (Hint: It wasn't because she slept with Blair's ex-boyfriend Nate.) The role, yet to be cast, was originally offered to Schwartz's former O.C. bad girl, Mischa Barton. While Serena once again shows her rebellious side, co-star Penn Badgley wants his character, Dan Humphrey, also to take a turn straddling good and evil. "I wish he would let things go a little bit more," says Badgley. "Dan holds people to such high standards and it makes him very flawed, which is necessary. I'd just like to dirty him up a bit." Don't fret, Penn — there's always season 2.

Check also the spoilers of your other favorite returning shows like Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty on the EW site. Can't wait for 'em!

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