Friday, July 11, 2008

How do we reward and recognize SMART loyal subscribers?
We date them! Read on.

Menandro Santos Rillon is not your ordinary SMART subscriber.

SMART's It's A Date Subscriber - Mr. Mandy RillonThis marketing manager of Land Bank in Talavera, Nueva Ecija is “Kuya Mandy” to SMART Cabanatuan Wireless Center employees at the NE Pacific Mall. His voice has become so familiar that they know who’s on the line even if he does not identify himself. His face and that of his family has even graced The Suki Wall at the wireless center.

Rillon is a SMART “suki” and a very honest one at that. He is quick to praise and just as fast to criticize SMART products and services, which he has been using for more than nine years now. This is why he is the first guest of “It’s a Date”, a program of Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) to treat loyal subscribers of wireless centers nationwide to a special get-together in appreciation for their consistent patronage of SMART.

The occasion was a simple dinner at a leading restaurant in Cabanatuan City, where SMART officials led by Wireless Center Regional Manager for Central Luzon Hazel Amoyan got together with Rillon.

“’It’s a Date’ is not just about rewarding loyalty. It’s about taking time out to appreciate subscribers with whom we have developed a relationship through the years not just because they appreciate us, but also because they take the time to give us feedback and to challenge our products and services and the way we deliver service,” says Joy Y. Sanchez, head of SMART’s Customer Care.

Rillon attributes his lengthy relationship with SMART to loyalty and integrity, values that are prized at the bank where he has worked for some 14 years. He admits, though, that the warm reception from SMART employees in Cabanatuan City is also a major factor.

“It’s because of the people at the Smart Cabanatuan Wireless Center that I stay. They’re not just ‘smart’, they are Christians,” he says. Rillon is also an active member of the Jesus is Lord Church, where he serves as song leader.

Rising cost of goods and services have made him consider switching to the competition to avail of low-cost communication packages, but he remains loyal to SMART because of the good relationship that he has with Smart Customer Care employees, he adds.

Not that he hesitates to say what he thinks about SMART’s products and services, especially if he believes that there is room for improvement. But Rillon does not stop at complaints or queries. He also gives his comments and suggestions on how to improve the product or service.

Hence, Rillon is appreciative but amused that he was chosen for “It’s a Date”.

“Thanks. I sincerely believe that I don’t deserve such treatment. You are friendly and warm with your service so I stick to SMART. If all SMART centers have people like you, don’t be shocked if you end up treating millions of loyal subscribers,” he says in a text message he sent to SMART after the dinner.

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