Saturday, July 05, 2008

My good friend, Tin, and I went to the Pond's Blogger Event dubbed as "A Taste of Beauty" at Taste Asia at SM Mall of Asia last night. Tin and I arrived 8ish just in time for the program. We were immediately given roses and a trial pack of Pond's newest breakthrough in anti-aging called Pond's Age Miracle after we registered ourselves.

Pond's Age Miracle at Taste Asia

I often dine at Taste Asia whenever I'm at MOA so I was really amazed by the transformation that Unilever did with it. Gone are the orange walls and tables and it was replaced by pink and white sheets, cocktail tables with nice centerpieces, a Pond's Beauty Booth and a red carpet with velvet ropes and rose overdose. It was really grand!

Red Carpet At Taste Asia I Love The Tents! Nice! Day 34, July 4 - Tin and I Pond's Blogger Event - SM Mall of Asia

The program was simple but fun. There were some singing, cool games and a couple of Pond's endorser-friends like Apples Aberin and Risa Samson were also there to answer questions on "beauty". There were so many bloggers who attended the event. There were so many familiar faces but all we did was smile and nod because everybody seems to know everybody and we are kinda shy. :)

Tintin Reading Smiling Me At The Pond's Event

The highlight of the night for me was when I had my skin consultation and analysis at the Pond's Beauty Booth. The result showed that I don't have problems concerning wrinkles and fine lines (Thank God). But the thing that I should take care of are some spots and uneven skin tones. The beauty consultant also suggested some Pond's products which would be able to help me in maintaining my skin's moisture and solve the uneven tones.

Me At The Beauty Booth Checking Moisture Checking For Uneven Spots Tintin Endorsing Ponds?

The event was also an educational one for me. I've been using anti-aging creams and serums since early this year. I had an epiphany one March morning when I realized that I should invest and use anti-aging creams NOW that I am nearing my 30's (or regret at 35 years old when I see the traces of wrinkles). I'm currently using a different brand but I've noticed that it's not effectively doing its job in the last few weeks. There were also several times when it made my face itchy. I think I need a switch and good thing I was given several information flyers and a trial kit last night by Pond's. I'm really interested in their Daily Resurfacing Cream, Concentrated Resurfacing Serum, and Advanced Microdermabrasion Kit (it's just like DIY microdermabrasion) which are all under the Pond's Age Miracle line. For the meantime, I will try the cream they gave me and will see about its 7-day beauty promise! :)

Thanks to Aileen Apolo and Unilever for the invite! We had fun!

[EDIT: I tried Pond's Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream for 7 days and it's effective! View my blog entry about it here.]

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  1. Thanks, Ghesty! Hey you have a blogger profile pala? :)

  2. hey, have you tried it? i liked it when i applied it this morning.

  3. Yep, tried it this morning (and this evening), too. It's non-greasy compared to the brand I'm using. Plus...no itchiness. :) Very promising!

  4. seemed like a cool event! sad i missed it but anyway, i missed it to see james mcavoy hehe :p ooh, you're wearing the necklace you got from me =) yey! it's so bagay to your black top ;-)

    lemme know if the ponds stuff works. as you know, i use l'oreal revitalift for my eyes and sometimes i use pond's age miracle serum for the corners of my mouth and laugh lines. i really don't put anti-aging stuff on my entire face coz i tend to get zits a lot.

  5. naks! make way for the future Pond's endorser! :) haha! - jang

  6. Panalo!!! Guys, get ready for the next Pond's model :)


  7. yeah... it's non-greasy... like it!!

  8. Aileen - Thanks for your comment. I remembered you telling me nga that you are using their serum. Okay ba sya? I am interested on it, too!

    Sheggz/Jang - Hahaha! Try it! :) Very nice to the skin!

    Tin - Yeaaah! Go, Ponds!!!!

  9. Yup meron, dito ako unang nag blog hehe... kaya puro kabaliwan nakalagay jan, natatawa nalang ako pag nakikita ko mga dating posts hehe

  10. Thanks for coming! I tried the product also and I was quite surprised that I didn't get any allergies hehehe. Join the contest ha! =)

  11. Aileen - We had fun! Thanks for the invite again. Mukhang effective nga ang Pond's. :) I am thinking of joining the contest but I'll see first how well it suits me.

    Ghesty - Hmmm...I'll read that up! Hehe!

  12. Wow! Goodluck Abbie!

    gawa kita ng banner! haha! -- Beam

  13. good luck abs! day 1 palang, looking good na! =D --charo

  14. Beam - haha! thanks! may banner pa talaga? :D

    Charo - I just realized that you don't have a Blogger profile pala? :) THANKS!

  15. hello abbie!nung una kitang makita nagandahan na ako sayo how much more ngayon... good luck.. God Bless!

  16. Thanks, ANONYMOUS! :D

    Who are you? Hehe!

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