Sunday, July 13, 2008

They said that there's a power in writing down your thoughts, aspirations and dreams. So here I am writing down some things that I want to fulfill in the next 30 days. The list is a combination of random things, chores and even attempts to life changing experiences. I hope that I would be able to strike most of the things (if not all) on my list.

Countdown starts NOW.

1. Abstain from rice for 30 days or more (or drop it altogether). I'm doing well with this! A few more days to go!

2. Abstain from the Internet for three days (work stuff not included).

3. Aplogize to Amiel for a not so forgetten mistake four and a half years ago.

4. Book a ticket to Tacloban or Singapore (or both!).

5. Fix my desktop computer from its "problems". Start saving for an HP Mini Note PC and a Macbook. (the HP is not for me!). I already reserved for the HP! I'll be getting it a couple of weeks from now!

6. Buy my niece a new toy "just because..."

7. Clean my room.

8. Cook three pasta: Pesto, Pomodoro and Creamy Mushrooms & Ham

9. Change hairstyle and do something drastic with my hair.

10. Get my reimbursements and payback; file my liquidations.

11. Get something nice for the woman who carried me for 9 months.

12. Get unnecessary hair out of the way: wax, pluck, thread.

13. Go home before 7:00 pm from work for two weeks.

14. Go to mass every Sunday.

15. Go to my fitness program for at least 10 sessions in the next 30 days.

16. Have a good massage and get my nails done.

17. Have three FYA/proposal approval at work. Done with one, two more to go!

18. Join a blog contest and win.

19. Log-in at work before 9:30 am for two weeks.

20. Make peace with one of my on-line "frenemies".

21. Meet someone.

22. Meet with my Goodyear and Honda friends.

23. Organize my iPod playlist, add new songs and buy a new leather protector.

24. Pay ALL of my bills on time.

25. Print important and memorable digital pictures and files.

26. Renew my passport or at least submit the application for renewal.

27. Sleep for a total of 35 hours for one work week (Sunday - Thursday).

28. Go to Boracay with my highschool friends.

29. Upgrade my on-line account to premium either on Flickr or Multiply and buy a domain for my blog.


Let's re-visit this entry 30 days from now and see what I achieved! :)

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  1. Hi Abbie!!! Go Girl!!! Kaya mo yang iachieve!!!!
    Added you on my roll!!!

  2. Or Singapore! haha!

    Seriously, if you decide to come here, let me know. I'll take you to some of my favorite restos and clubs.

    Good luck on this list!

  3. what's in tacloban? or where is tacloban?

  4. Sheng - Thanks, thanks! :) I'll also add you in my roll!

    Jing - Yey! Thanks! I am really DYING to go there. Haha! I'll let you know.

    Tin - It's in Leyte in Eastern Visayas. Very very near Samar. I want to see the San Juanico Bridge (longest bridge in South East Asia) and the MacArthur Memorial Monument. Tara!

  5. abbie, invite natin cj, para road trip sa san juanico bridge!!!! hihi.

  6. Haha! Nice idea! :) Gusto ko talaga mag-picture and stuff sa San Juanico kaso alangan naman na maglakad ako dun? I'll check if my RORO to Eastern Visayas. Tapos we can go to Ormoc pa.

  7. hey count me in sa mga roadtrips pero let's space it naman para we can save up a bit for it hehe.

    tin: anong cj? wala nang cj! :p

  8. we come!

    What happened to CJ? Hala!

  9. hey abbie im from tacloban city... in case you do come to the city you should check out the sto niño shrine museum aka the palace of the marcoses (where you'll see this huge painting of Imelda Marcos as a goddess) you should have a pic with that one 200 pesos for 5 persons. or go beyond the San Juanico bridge travel for 3 hours and go to the Calicoan Island at Guiuan Eastern Samar tagged as the new Boracay (visit the Surf Camp)
    Other places to go:
    San Rafael Farm - Sta Rita Samar (less than an hour away from the City)
    Caluwayan Resort - Marabot samar (still less than an hour away from the city)
    Marabut Marine park - Marabot Samar just near Caluwayan..the resort itself is not at tip top shape anymore but the location is nice and you can kayak and go to the islets.
    Baybayon ni Agalon - Albuera Leyte 15 minutes away from Ormoc City


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