Sunday, September 28, 2008

I obviously like Bohol so much because this is my fourth post about it. But this last tale will not be as long as the others because I was a bit grouchy and tired half of the time on our second day in the island.

We woke up around 6:00 am for some island hopping. Waking up that early on a Sunday while on vacation was probably the reason for my grouchiness. Waking up early is not my strongest suit even if it involves exciting dolphins which can only be seen early in the morning.

The only consolation for me were sunrise pictures! I already had dozens of beach sunset snaps from various vacations in Anilao, Puerto Galera and Boracay but I never had sunrise pictures until now. I was wowed over!

Sunrise, Sunrise!
Sunrise, oh sunrise!

We traveled for more than an hour to the part of the ocean where the dolphins were. We saw a couple here and there; then I was suddenly sea-sick! It was actually a weird feeling because I've never been sea-sick all my life. I probably became nauseous (and bored?) because of the long time we spent in the boat. I am not really a fan of boats and island-hopping despite my great love for the water. :(

After almost an hour of waiting for the dolphins to show up (they actually DID show up), we docked at Balicasag Island for some rest, food and snorkeling. Anyone who's been to the island will tell you how wonderful it was there; except for me and Libay who spent the time eating expensive corned beef and sleeping under one of the cottages.

The beauty of Balicasag lies on the beauty of its marine life which one can explore through an open water dive or snorkeling. Marj and Anna tried the latter and they really had a fun time. Libay and I only experienced its beauty by feeding fishes with our breads. I was actually a bit regretful that I wasn't able to snorkel; and this is coming from someone who's actually planning on getting diving certifications in the future (when the price is right!).

Libay and I fish-feeding
Unruly hair in the middle of the sea while fish-feeding

We had lunch at the island before we left for more island hopping. The food was good and the Grilled Lapu Lapu was probably one of the best I've had. There was no proper restaurant in Balicasag except for some houses with cottage that offers sutukil. We ordered half of a Lapu Lapu (Grouper Fish) and asked them to cook it grilled and in sinigang broth. It cost us Php 700 ($46.00) including rice and buko juice.

What's for lunch?
Grilled Lapu Lapu, Sinigang Lapu Lapu and Buko for lunch!

We left Balicasag island and went to a sandbar near Virgin Island after. I was on better spirits when we reach our destination and its breathtaking beauty actually helped improve my mood. It was by far the best sandbar I've ever seen! We asked our boat guide, Kuya Emil, to dock the boat so we can enjoy and take lots and lots and lots of pictures. It was definitely the highlight and most loved moment of our trip.

The sandbar
Best sandbar ever!

Lounging by the sandbar

Sandbar formation

Sandbar love

The afternoon of our second day was spent resting, swimming and working in our hotel (budget and project charters again). I took a 30-minute swim in the pool doing strokes that were once an active part of me. It was good to know that I can still dive, do a perfect Butterfly, and the right breathing for Freestyle despite the mega pounds I gained and the years away from the pool. I still love swimming to bits!

I spent the latter part of the day doing the things I love. I was able to relax and hang-out in the beach shore with my laptop and some music. I've been dying to do that since our Boracay escapade last August. The beach was really beautiful that time of day and I was able to unwind while I Twit, Plurk and Facebook (different strokes for different folks!). The girls came down after a while and I joined them for some shakes and pasta at the resto-beach of Alona Tropical while we watch the sunset. We capped the night with a very wonderful by-the-beach-and-under-the-stars massage to de-stress. It was a very nice thing to do to end a very nice vacation!

Bohol is really magical and I wouldn't mind going back again. It's definitely one of a kind! :)

Bohol Island Hopping Guide
Kuya Emil
Mobile No. +63-920-227-8141
Php 1,400 ($25.00) includes motor boat, dolphin watching, snorkeling gears, Balicasag Island and Virgin Island tours.

More of my Bohol posts here, here and here. Credits again to Marj for some of the pictures above. More snaps on my Multiply photo page.

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