Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've waited for January 23 for four days - that's from January 19 to 22. Aside from the fact that it's payday, I've longed for the day simply because it's TGIF! Work was demanding and whirlwind in the last week and it was such a joy to finally reach Friday. January is always a loaded month because of all the proposals and plans we have to turn in for the new year. We've already submitted two proposals in the last week and negotiated a lot of "deals" so I think we are on the right track. I'm pretty inspired and excited for the new things and projects that we are doing and I cannot wait to launch and implement them all.

Nothing beats celebrating a Friday after a long and hardworking week. So here are some tales on how I celebrated last Friday with my colleagues; and the upcoming Chinese New Year with my friends.

My officemates love posing for pictures. So here are some samples on how we usually spend Fridays: in front of the camera.

Green People Kat & Maf

Libay Nowell & Karen Chat

Channels Dev't 2008 Louise, Anna, Libay

My friends and I are not Chinese but our dinner pick for Friday was at Superbowl in Glorietta 4 to somehow celebrate the Lunar New Year. We ordered a LOT since we were used to having dinners for five people. Unfortunately, Charo and Jako were not able to join us so it was only me, Tin, and Aileen who consumed all the fattening Chinese munch you can see below.

Aileen Tin
Chinese Food Fest Face-off! Hehe!

Starters: All The Free Kropek You Can Eat

Dimsum Platter
Dimsum Combination Platter
(Siopao, Hakao, Pork Siomai, Deep-fried Wanton, Vegetarian Spring Roll)

Yang Chow
Yang Chow Fried Rice

Hunan Tofu

Lechon Macau
Lechon Macau

Mandarin Chicken
Crispy Mandarin Chicken

We watched Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway's Bride Wars after our hearty meal. It was such a fun movie about weddings and friendship. The ending was a bit unexpected but not really surprising. I've always been a fan of Kate and Anne (more of Kate) but this movie definitely belongs to Anne. It's a lovely chick flick that helped us de-stress after a long work week.

TGIF! Until January 30!

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  1. love the shots! specially your "food shots". weird lang, superbowl is not into "Chinese new year." haha!

    cute tlga ni maf. i like his smile and teeth. haha! close kme eh noh? haha!

  2. Thanks, thanks! I think I am actually improving with the shots. :)

    Western Chinese restaurant daw ang Superbowl kaya they are not into the whole Chinese New Year thing (weird pa din). Hehe!

    Haha! Girlfriend din nya yung katabi nya sa picture. :)

  3. guessed it was Superbowl just by looking at the photos. i love Fridays, too. TGIF, we say. :)

  4. Hi, Edel! Yup! It was in Superbowl. :)


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