Monday, January 05, 2009

Today, January 5, 2009, is probably the most unpopular day of the year so far. Everyone was too hung-over to work or too tired from vacation to even pretend to work. The last holiday vacation was probably the longest I can remember since I started working. I took a leave on the 24th of December so I had 12 days of non-work including those holidays declared by the government. It's common for me to have January blues so I usually extend my vacation until the 3rd working day of the year. But the vacation was too long already so it's too much to even consider on extending for that long.

The first four days of the year were uneventful ones for me. I spent most of the day sleeping, surfing random blogs and websites, resizing pictures, reading The American Wife, and watching old episodes of Project Runway and Lipstick Jungle. I was too tired from all the holiday celebrations and was preparing for the work stress thus I spent 10 to 14 hours a day just sleeping after the New Year celebrations.

Now that we covered the mundane things I did during the long vacation, let’s now take a look at the few exciting events and get-togethers I’ve been in the last weeks of 2008.

We spent Christmas Eve at home with the usual Noche Buena and opening of gifts. My niece, Gabbie, had the biggest loot as expected. Christmas day was spent at home resting and lounging in preparation for our annual clan reunion with my mom's sisters and their families in the evening.

Body Shop Olive Oil
One of the gifts I received! This is truly a favorite.

Nica, Gabbie, Casey, Jana
My nieces Nica, Gabbie, Casey and Jana on our Christmas party.

Icee counting her loot
My niece Icee counting her Christmas cash

My good friend Tin asked us to join her in celebrating her 30th birthday at the City of Pines. It was my second time in Baguio for the year but I still had fun. We went around Session, Burnham & Wright, had Strawberry Taho, coffee at John Hay, dinner at Volante and celebration drinks at Northgate.

Happy Birthday, Tin
Tin and her birthday cake of 12 years ago

Group shot at El Cielito
At the El Cielito lobby

Ylette at Burnham
Ylette at Burnham. One of my favorite shots.

My forces girlfriends Tin, Aileen, Charo & Jako had our holiday dinner at Italianni's before the end of the year. We haven't seen each other for a while so we spent the night catching up on things and exchanging gifts.

Our post-holiday dinner shot
Me, Tin, Charu, Aileen

What's with the knife?
What's with the knife?

Me and Tin with her Mac "keeper"
The Mac Keeper

We spent New Year's eve at home quietly despite the loud bangs outside. We gave thanks to the Lord for all the blessings He gave us for the year. We also prayed for good health, prosperity and joys for the coming year.

Gabbie and her three trumpets

Fireworks and School Zone
Fireworks on a school zone? How weird is our neighborhood?

More holiday photos at my Multiply photo site.

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  1. hey, 2008... not 2007. hehe. (3rd para)

    my best trips in 2008, vigan, bora, bicol and baguio! ohhh... bicol? nah... not included pla. haha!

  2. Thanks for the correction, Tin. Hehe!

    Bicol? Akala ko pa naman yun ang the best! Haha! :D JK!


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