Thursday, March 05, 2009


Just a quick post while I take a break in between pow-wows. American Idol announced the judges' picks for the Wild Card Round tomorrow! Each of the judges were allowed to choose two semi-finalists to advance for the last three spots in the Top 12.

Most of the Wild Cards came from the first and second groups. It was only Von Smith who was from the third group. The top three vote getters for this round were Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre and Jorge Nunez. No surprises here! They automatically got the 7th, 8th and 9th spot in the Top 12.

Here are the Wild Cards:

Von Smith (Randy's Pick)
Jasmine Murray (Kara's Pick)
Ricky Braddy (Paula's Pick)
Megan Corkrey (Simon's Pick)
Tatiana Del Torro (Randy's Pick)
Matt Giraud (Kara's Pick)
Jesse Langseth (Paula's Pick)
Anoop Desai (Simon's Pick)

Looks like THIS was decided even before they sang their tunes last week. Looks like it was pretty much decided who will advance whether they bombed their semi-final rounds or not (Come on! Jasmine Murray? Von Smith?). At least Tatiana sang well! YEAH, TATIANA IS COMING BACK! She is definitely Fox's pick for the drama of it all! The more drama, the higher the ratings. Go, girl!

I am happy that Ricky, Megan, Jesse and Anoop got in! I am wondering what happened to my other favorites like Ann Marie and Felicia. They were pretty strong with their performances.

Most likely to land in the Top 12? Anoop, Megan & Matt (or Ricky might sneak in!). They have always been judges' favorites since their early auditions. No voting will be allowed tomorrow so it will be entirely up to Randy, Kara, Paula and Simon who goes in!

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  1. I got to watch the voting episode and though that was the first time that I saw Tatiana perform, I find her a bit odd. But I have to say ha, she CAN sing. Sayang lang, parang mejo sayad. Oops. Hehe.


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