Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jako & Charu. FINALLY! What a great way to go back to blogging by posting about the very nice and super fun wedding of my dear friends, Jako and Charu. Friends and readers of my blog are sure familiar with this duo who are very often featured and pictured here at my blog.

Jako and Charu are my friends from highschool. They first met in Kindergarten (!!!) but only got together as a couple five years ago. It really made me happy that they finally sealed the deal last December 12, Saturday, at St. Jerome Emiliani in Alabang. They've always been one of my favorite couples and I am really happy that I was part of the beginning of their happily ever after.

Here are some of the things I love about the wedding:

The Crying Sentimental Bride
Charu cried throughout her bridal march and we find it really really heart-felt. We can't help but shed a tear or two as we watch her all beautiful and regal yet crying her heart out as she walks to the love of her life.

The Crying Bride

The Crying Groom
Jako's moment came when he was reading and reciting his self-made vows to Charu.

The Crying Groom

We were part of it!
Tintin, Aileen and I were part of the entourage as Bridesmaids and Veil Sponsors. We are so happy and delighted that the couple chose us to be part of their wedding. We are honored! :)

Aileen, Abbie, Charu & Jako, Tin

"Swerte Ako!"
Wong & Kaloy, friends from Highschool, put a sign of "Swerte Ako!" (I'm Lucky!) on Charu's side of the chair after their Secondary Sponsors duties. Charu's mom asked the camera people and the female entourage members to put it on Jako instead. The sign kept on switching from Jako's side to Charu's side throughout the ceremony!

"Swerte Ko!"

Blue & The Cambe Gowns
Junjun Cambe outdid himself with Charu's tube gown and its intricate bead work. Our blue bridesmaids gown were also cool! The boys also look nice with their Lumban Barongs.

Jako & Charu's Entourage

The Baicapture Booth
Photo booths are all rage now and Baicapture is the most popular! We had around 10 snaps at the booth! Talk about sulit!

Baicapture Captures!


Cologne Fountain
This is probably one of the most unique wedding give-aways I've ever seen. There was a fountain of cologne and guests can get their share through the bottle sprays that were provided! Cool!

Cologne Fountain

Jako & Charu's First Dance
The couple's first dance was slow and sweet but they shifted midway to a choreographed dance move which got collective cheers from their guests.

First Dance

Elation and the After-Party!
Jako & Charu really knows how to throw a party! We had unlimited shots, cocktails and mocktails because of the Elation Mobile Bar. There were non-stop dancing and partying at the dance floor, even the parents and the godparents joined the celebration!

Aileen, Abbie, Tin

Party Boquet

Under The Train

The Bride
Charu's one of the most elegant and beautiful brides I've ever seen. Need I say more? :)


Best Wishes, J & C! :) We love you!

Thanks to Tin for the Cologne Fountain shot and to Witt for taking most of the pictures above.

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