Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is first part of a series of my annual year-ender post. This was inspired by the Top 10 of Everything list of Time which they also publish yearly. I neglected writing on this blog for quite some time so I will post in length by batch my TOP EVERYTHING for this year.

I classified this as the Top News Events of the year which affected me most - political, national, current events, scandals, pop culture - whether it's positive or negative.

The Obama Inauguration
I was glued to the TV and the Internet last January 21 (Manila Time) for the oath-taking and inauguration of the first Black US President, Barrack Obama. It's a momentous event for me not because of the politics behind his victory, but because of what he represents. His winning symbolizes that anybody can dream dreams regardless of odds and tradition.

Obama's Inauguration

Cory's Passing
Like most Filipinos, I was deeply saddened by the death of Former President Cory Aquino last August 2009. Together with my family and Witt, we lined up in Manila Cathedral in Intramuros to see her remains and to sympathize with her family. Her death paved the way for the younger generations to know more about her conjugal heroism with her husband, Ninoy, and their great contribution to the Philippines.

The Famous Le Cirque Dinner
Guess who spent $20,000 on a Le Cirque dinner while the Philippines is mourning for former President Aquino? There are so many disastrous things that GMA did this year but this one is my favorite. It's so in your face! $%#^*@!#

GMA, Le Cirque, $20,000

The Hayden Kho Scandal
Hayden should thank Ondoy, Pepeng, Manny Pacquiao and even Krista. We will still be talking about Hayden (and Maricar, Katrina, Vicky, and the Brazilian Model) until now if not for the typhoons and people I mentioned in the first sentence. Isa kang henyo, Hayden!

Hayden Kho

Nonoy & Mar's Announcements
Noynoy is the unexpected game changer for the 2010 Philippine election. His mother's death gave him the opportunity to seriously run for the highest position in the land; capitalizing on important values like prudence, humility honesty. A lot has already been said about this so I'll stop now.

Erap's Announcement
Enough already! The scum wants to try again. Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I hate the guy.

Definitely the newsmaker of the year (with Pepeng trailing behind). Typhoon Ketsana came gently into the good night of September 25 without us knowing that it will bring massive rain water for eight straight hours that will result to the great Manila flood in recent memory. Ondoy is heart-breaking because it devastated and affected people whom you actually know. Everyone has an Ondoy story to tell. Whether it's a story of loss, heroism or bayanihan, everyone has a tale to tell. It was a chaotic two weeks for the Philippines but it also showed how Filipinos can rise from tragedy and help those in need.

Ondoy After-math

Other runners-up on my list of Top News Events are the Maguindanao Massacre, the ZTE debacle and Manny Pacquiao (his winnings and the Krista-gate).

Photo Credits: TIME, CNN, New York Post

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