Monday, February 15, 2010

Here is my 52 Weeks entry for the 6th week of the year.

Week 6: Dusit Thani's Strawberry Mousse

Last week was a pretty big week for celebrations since Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year both fell on the same date. I was planning to post either a mushy and cheesy Valentine photo or an oriental Chinese one for this week's entry. I failed on both. I ran out of camera battery when Witt and I had our Pre-Valentine's Dinner at Mesa; and we were not able to go to Binondo for Chinese New Year as planned. So I chose these yummy-looking Strawberry Mousse instead since it's somehow Heart-y because of its red and pink colors.

These sinfully delicious Strawberry Mousse is from Dusit Thani Hotel. We had our National Cascade last Monday and these were the stars from the dessert buffet. Absolutely yummy!

I also had some Tiramisu (outtake) shots which I would also like to share:

Dusit Thani's Tiramisu Dusit Thani's Tiramisu Up Close

I must've gained 5 lbs. from this experience!

Happy Blog Birthday! It's been 6 wonderful years! :)

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