Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've been in Foursquare since January of this year but the last two weeks were probably the busiest and most popular time in Foursquare for me and my friends. A lot of my friends and on-line buddies are now joining Foursquare and I've been getting a lot of "what is that?" from buddies and colleagues who are yet to join and are curious about this new Social Networking craze.

What the heck is Foursquare?
Foursquare is the leading location-based Social Networking Site (also called "lo-so") that was introduced last year. If you will ask me, I see Foursquare as a mixed and blended Twitter + Google Maps application. If Twitter asks "what are you doing?" then Foursquare definitely asks "where are you?".

Foursquare Main Page

With the help of a mobile phone and GPS, Foursquarers can "check-in" to a place wherever they are anywhere in the world. They also have the option of posting it to Twitter and/or Facebook. A link will appear on the post directing readers to the logged-in site with a Google Map representation. Foursquare was designed for mobile phones so it has apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre. Mobile users can also use it by going to the mobile site

Why is it so great?
Like most users, I was hesitant at first to try it since you will actually shout to the whole world where YOU are at that exact moment. Foursquare created a solution for it with the [off the grid] feature where one can still check-in without revealing to people where they are. I personally find it addicting because it challenges me to go out and explore various places in my city and neighborhood. The foodie in me also loves it because it allows me to discover various venues to dine and hang-out. It's taking Twitter to the next level and it's also making Social Media addicts go out and be away from their laptops yet still be involved with their on-line line and friends.

Foursquare Badges

It's also a game!
It's all about the "mayorship" for some. Each venue at Foursquare assigns a Mayor. A mayorship status can be attained if you're the most frequent visitor of that particular venue. It can be taken away from you once you are beaten by another person with more check-ins. It's really a very interesting competition especially for popular venues. I am currently a Mayor of 5 places and I intend to "protect my turf" to the best of my ability. Heh! It was 6 this morning but somebody took SM City Sta. Rosa from me. How cruel. :D

Foursquare is still on its infancy and a lot of people are still confused and weirded about it. But that's also how we viewed Twitter two years ago and look how it changed our lives! There are also other location-based SNS like Gowalla, Loopt, Google Latitude and Brightkite, but Foursquare is leading the pack with 500,000 users to date. Come and get an account now! You will surely love it and can be very addicting!

Join and let's discover places together! Add me up!

Photo Credits: Foursquare, Mashable

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