Saturday, April 17, 2010

We were having one of our "catch-up" dinners at our new-favorite, Jaemark's Tuna Grille, when Aileen casually mentioned that she's getting married to CJ soon. We were surprised yet very happy about her news. It was supposed to be a strictly family-only wedding affair but Tin, Charu and I self-invited ourselves and insisted that we will skip work and witness one of the most important events of her life.

The civil wedding was held at the Regional Trial Court Branch 66 of Makati City Hall last March 24, 2010. It was a small event attended only by immediate family, relatives and US. Aileen wore a simple white dress with violet shoes, accents, and accessories. She got the simple white civil wedding dress from one of the stores in Glorietta. It was very Carrie Bradshaw at the Sex & The City Movie.

White & Purple

It was my first time to go to the City Hall of Makati and I was really impressed by its grandeur. I also can't help but take a shot of the overlooking view of the Makati Business District. "Ganito Kami Sa Makati".

Makati View From The City Hall

The wedding was officiated by Judge Joselito Villarosa who kept us all entertained by his candid questions to Aileen & CJ and their parents. The supposed 30-mins. rites turned hour-long because of his questions and commentaries.

Here are more photos of the wedding rites which include the ring & arrhae ceremonies and the signing of marriage certificates:

I Take Thee

Take This Ring
Aileen giving the ring to CJ

CJ's Arrhae
CJ giving the arrhae

One Important Signature

The first kiss of the married couple was repeated several times because the "photographers" (Tita, Ate Chinky, Jako, me) cannot get it right. Here's my version:

First Kiss Post-Marriage

Photos of family and friends who attended and witnessed CJ & Aileen's big day:

With Parents & Godparents

The Couple + Charu & Me

The post-wedding celebration was held in Italianni's Greenbelt 2, Aileen's favorite. Good thing Tin was able to catch up and join us. She even asked me and Charu to make a side trip to the mall to buy the bride a basket (sorry, private joke).


The Couple & Tin

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Madamme & CJ! Cheers!

CJ & Aileen - Just Married!

More pictures of the wedding at my Flickr site.

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  1. Now ko lang 'toh nakita hehe. Super thanks :) Most of the photos we framed were from your shots ;-)

  2. Hello, Madamme!

    You're welcome! I forgot to mention it to you when I first posted it. Just remembered it when you commented on the Flawless blog.

    :) Until the next big event! Christening?

  3. hi, this event is inspiring for me. i will also have my civil wedding in july at the makati city hall, how many guests were allowed inside the courtroom? and how did you pick for your presiding judge? thanks for the answers!

  4. hi. how much did it take you for the legal fee? thanks

  5. Hi Ma'am.

    How long po yung scheduling? After ng pag-pass nyo ng intent to marry sa Court, gano po katagal? Pwede po ba kayong mamili ng schedule?

    1. Hi, Wenard. Best to ask Makati City Hall. It was my friend who got married here. Thanks!


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