Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last month's news was the rise of the Android (in my world anyway) and last week's news was the long-awaited iPad launch. I went to the unconventional route and got myself an 'old news' MacBook Pro instead. :) I've been dreaming of this baby since late last year and I'm very happy that I finally got one. I really don't care that much if there will be a new Core i7 Mac announcements two months from now. I'm not a super heavy user and is quite contented with the current MBP specs that I got. [Update: The new MacBook Pro specs were announced last April 14. I'm not that regretful but it would really be cool to have that 4GB RAM and 250 HDD. Oh well.]

I never expected that I will ever get a Mac. I've always been a PC Girl and prefers those big desktop computers rather than notebooks. It was probably owning an iPhone which prompted me to desire for a Mac. Exposing myself to the easy and user-friendly Mac OS made me fall in love with Apple products. However, even if I now like Macs, it would still probably take eons before I become a certified MacFanboy. I still enjoy doing things with my PC and I still don't want to convert and migrate all my "business & work" stuff to my Mac. Good thing there's a lot of cross-platform productivity tools nowadays so switching between the two is a breeze.

For the love of all things geeky, here are the ceremonial unboxing photos of my MacBook Pro. Technically, the photos below are the second unboxing since the equally geeky boyfriend was the one who actually unboxed it the first time; since I got to the store late because of some meeting in our Quezon City office.


MacBook Pro, finally!
It came in this beautiful white box

Unboxing The MBP
Everything Mac user manual, warranty booklet, Apple stickers, CD installers, CD sleeve

MacBook's Power Cords
MagSafe Power Adapter, Power Cord & CD installer

Mac Mac
Meet Mac Mac

Satin Case & Sleeve
I also got a Speck Satin Case in Purple

I love my MBP! Its been two weeks and two days since I bought it and I've been learning amazing things about it each day.

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  1. Mac is Love!!! Its all worth it... Now I am craving for iPad

  2. Yes!!! Mac is indeed LOVE! :) Go, go on the iPad. I am not to solved about it yet. We'll see when the 2nd Gen comes out.

    Btw, read your blog the other day. So happy that you're so happy in ADB!

  3. congrats on the new mac! love the purple satin case you got for it. :)

  4. Thanks, Edel! :) I love it!!!

  5. Nice, glad you finally had your Mac. Very nice blog, btw.


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