Friday, June 18, 2010

It was a very busy and stressful week at work so I was not surprised when I woke up with two annoying zits on my left cheek. I rarely get pimples nowadays so I figured that work stress is truly taking a toll on me. So I did what any sane woman would do, I booked myself a facial! I left work early tonight and had a relaxing and rejuvenating night to beat the stress away. I am not really a "girly" girl but I always give time to pampering myself by regularly getting facials, foot spas and massages.

Flawless Face & Body Clinic
Flawless Face and Beauty Clinic
Petron Bel-Aire Square

I went this evening to Flawless Face and Body Clinic at their Petron Bel-Aire Square branch along Makati Ave. It was the nearest branch from my office and I love that it has extended service hours up to 10:00 pm. It's perfect for women like me who cannot leave the office early. I chose Flawless because it's different from the other beauty services that abounds the metro. It's more of a medical clinic than a beauty salon or spa. For one, they call their clients as "patients" instead of customers. They also have in-house doctors whom you can consult first before availing any of the offered face, body or medical services. This is a plus for me because I'm quite iffy to try anything (even a simple cleansing facial) without a consult from a Dermatologist.

Flawless Face & Body Clinic

Flawless Face & Body Clinic

I seldom wear make-up except for the usual powder and gloss so I make it a point to get facials at least once a month to make my skin blemish-free. Having all-natural pristine skin through regular treatments like this also helps in skipping the whole make-up routine that one uses to cover unwanted impurities.

After the usual filling-up of forms, I checked the menu of services and was glad to see that they have several facial types to suit the various needs of clients. There were around six different types of facial treatments that varies from the simple cleanse-tone type to the more specific that specializes on oil control or age enhancing. I was inclined in getting the Age Defy Facial because of its promised boost of restoring elasticity and stimulation of collagen. I know I am still young to worry about fine lines and wrinkles but I worry about them anyway. :) Prevention is always my mantra when it comes to these things.

Since I am having some break-outs, I was asked to consider the Acne Control Facial instead of the Age Defy Facial that I want. I was told that it's better to try this particular facial to prevent further pimples and break-outs. They also said that the treatment has an antibacterial antiseptic mask that will diminish the pimples. I was greatly off we go to the treatment room!

The branch has two floors surrounded by treatment beds all covered in cute pink. The equipments are the latest in technology and the area is very clean. The ambiance is really nice combined with cool and zenish piped-in music.

Flawless Face & Body Clinic

My aesthetician, Jenny, the one who did my facial, was very skillful and has very light hands. She guided me through the procedure by explaining to me the different creams that she applied on my face. The Acne Control is definitely the "hardcore" facial treatment of Flawless. It's a no non-sense treatment and it's all-business. After the initial clean-up, I was given anti-bacterial creams right away that will help solve my break-outs. There were no face massages or deep cleaning like the usual so as not to irritate the skin (makes sense, right?). The extraction part was a bit uncomfortable but it was not as painful with Jenny's light touch. The facial ended with a cool antiseptic mask that will further help in preventing break-outs. One more good thing that I liked about the service are the amazing hand warmers (like cooking gloves) that they gave while I was having my facial. The aim is to relax the tired hand muscles and improve blood circulation. This extra treat is perfect for me since I spend most of my days typing on my laptop's keyboard. The over-all feeling after the facial was really good. My face feels refreshed, smoother and tighter.

Flawless Face & Body Clinic


What I like most about Flawless (and what would keep me from coming back) is the excellent customer service that they provide. The staff and consultants are courteous, they know their products and services, and they are very customer-friendly. I inquired from Jenny a lot of their other services and she gladly suggested and recommended a lot of treatments which I can avail on my next visits. She accommodated me from start to finish and she even assisted me in settling my service bill. I can say that I was thoroughly and flawlessly pampered - literally and figuratively. :)

Flawless doesn't provide the cheapest beauty service out there but they are the best when it comes to value for money. Their treatments and procedures are very advanced compared to the mom & pop beauty stores that has the same price points. You can really compare the difference especially in the way they treat and handle their clients. The facial that I had was only Php 490.00 ($11.00) yet it provided the full dermatological package which you would expect in bigger and more expensive clinics.

Flawless Face & Body Clinic

Flawless Face & Body Clinic
They also sell their own beauty line

I truly recommend Flawless for your skin, body and medical woes. The facial treatment is just the tip of the iceberg. They have a lot of procedures which you can avail depending on your needs. They also have over 30 stores nationwide that are strategically located in malls and popular places; so going to one is really easy.


It's really good to visit Flawless these days because they are raffling off a luxurious and highly coveted Louis Vuitton bag every month from now until December 2010 if you spend at least Php 1,200 on a single visit. The culminating raffle prize is a whopping one-carat diamond necklace in December. Wow! How is that for prizes? So what are you waiting for? :) Join me and let's be flawless together! I'm really happy that I was able to find a beauty clinic that I can trust. I am already looking forward to my next visit. See yah!

Flawless Face and Body Clinic
Petron Bel-Aire Square
Makati Ave., cor. Buendia, Makati City
Tel No. +632-896-7451
Facebook Page:

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  1. wow! thanks for posting. i'd be scheduling a trip to flawless one of these days. galeng! thanks for the review.

  2. Reading this blog makes me wanna be a "patient" of Flawless. Thanks, Abbie! BTW, which branch is nearest to Pasig area?

  3. Thanks, Anna! :)

    Hi, Weena! Nearest would be SM Megamall, I think. Or Robinson's Galleria. Enjoy!

  4. Oh wow, that branch looks really nice compared to the ones I usually see ha. Tempting! I'll visit there when I've given birth and everything... 'don't wanna be losyang! :)

    Oh, we should indeed start preventing fine lines & wrinkles na, we're 30+ na eh ;-)

  5. Hi, Aileen!

    You should really visit once you give birth. Spend some of your time in pampering stuff during your Maternity Leave. :)

    I worry A LOT about wrinkles and fine lines! Hehe!

  6. I'm convinced!:) I really want to experience facial treatments, it's just a matter of choosing the right beauty clinic. Hearing your wonderful experience at Flawless made me want to try it out!:)

  7. Nice review, Abbie!

    My last facial left me looking and feeling like a dart board.:D

    I'm definitely gonna try Flawless' services!

  8. Thanks, Cha! Try the basic cleaning and toning facial first. You don't need extractions anyway - with your clear skin! :)

  9. Hello, Jang!

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah, do try it. :) They have a lot of facial services to choose from.


Thank you for your comment.