Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been busy in the last week thus the lack of post. I'm drafting some entries and will hopefully get to post them in the coming days. For the meantime, here's some movie update.

My high school friends and I decided to form a movie critique club where we will discuss and rate various movies of our choice based on themes through Twitter (courtesy of Twitlonger). The idea of the club was conceptualized because of our many discussions, theories, and hunches about Inception (arguably the best movie of the year). We will be starting with the first movie this week with the "All-Time Favorites" theme. I was tasked to go first so I chose The American President. I really really love that Annette Benning and Michael Douglas starer from 1995. It's a story about a sitting US President, a widower, who fell in love with a lobbyist. It's a very good romantic comedy so try to catch it if you haven't seen it yet.

One of the movies I suggested (for the Septemeber round) is an upcoming one starring Katie Holmes (post-Suri), called The Romantics. Showing of the movie is on September 10 in the US. According to IMDb, the story is about seven close friends who were reunited for the wedding of two of their friends. Problems arises because the bride and the maid of honor have had a long rivalry over the groom. Katie plays the Maid of Honor and Anna Paquin plays the bride. The guy in the middle is Josh Duhamel.

Here's the trailer:

It was actually Witt24 who suggested this movie to me. :) Can't wait to watch it!

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  1. Hi, sis Abbie!

    I saw The Romantics on IMDB and was a bit curious and interested to watch it because it stars Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin of True Blood. Never really liked Anna before True Blood so I'm hoping this will change my mind about her. Hehehe.

    By the way, sis, I'm hoping for your support / help in winning Sulit.com.ph's blog contest. Please? :)

    Here's my entry:
    My definition of Sulitizen

    I would really appreciate it if you could check out the mechanics on my entry.
    To vote for me, all you need to do is post the Sulit badge (the codes are on my post) and a link to my entry on a new blog post.

    Thank you so much! :)

    - Michelle / Mhel aka blankPixels of Just Another Pixel -


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