Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's that time of the year again! Time to bring out the list of Christmas wishes. I did not make any list last year since I mostly got what I needed in '09 even before Christmas - and I am not just talking about material wants. *wink*

But this year is different. It was such a very stressful and demanding year for me (watch out for my year-end blog post) so I think I deserve to wish for many stuff as a reward for a very hardworking and grueling year.

Bring it on! :D

1. Tablet
I initially don't want to get one...but who am I kidding?! This is one of those good things designed for people like me. I really really really want one even if almost everyone I know has one. I am dead set on getting the "i" for seamless platform integration to my other gadgets but the "G" is just too beautiful to be ignored.

But, this article of might help me decide what to get, I was screencapped after all. :) The iPad will officially come to the Philippines on December 17.

Beauty & Butter iPad
The ultimate stocking stuffer this year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab
The Samsung Galaxy Tab - Augmented Reality at its best!

2. HongKong, Singapore or both!
I wasn't able to do all the things I planned in our HK trip last September so a quick repeat is in order. It would really be lovely to spend the post-Christmas-before-New Year break in the shopping mecca of Asia. OR I can bargain and compromise and go to Singapore instead! I've always wanted to go to SG. If not this year then 2011 definitely!

Des Voeux Road, Central
Des Voeux Road in Central - one of my favorites!
(Photo taken at the bridgeway of Alexandra House)

Central & The Harbour
Central - view from the other side of the harbor.

3. A very good watch
I don't wear one but it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't want one.

Fossil's Stella Multifunction White Dial Watch
Fossil's Stella Multifunction White Dial Watch

4. A good laptop bag and laptop sleeves
I already have three but I still want more. I cannot get enough of these bags and sleeves. I want something colorful this time.

Aspinal Laptop Bag

6. Paper, Notebooks, Post-its
I love paper! Truly the best gift to give me. 

Notepads & Journals

7. Pampering Massages
This is an ultimate necessity for my wellness. I accept gift certificates. :)

8. Lotions, Soaps, Lip Balms and Body Scrubs
I always get a lot of these during Christmas. If you're thinking on getting me one, please consider the One Bath and Body brand (SM Makati has them). They are all-natural products with a nice scent and cool packaging.

One Body & Bath Products
One Bath & Body Products

9. Park Jun's Volume Magic Wave
It's high time to update the style of my locks before the year ends. My treatment pick is Park Jun's Volume Magic Wave (or a Volume Rebond if I chicken-out once again). It's kinda expensive so the bonus should be really sweet or I must have a very willing benefactor to pull this off.

Park Jun's Beauty Lab

Hope I can get all of the things on my list this year! What's on your list?
Happy Holidays!

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  1. love the battlefield between Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad. lemme point you with some grins and grimaces(combined) on each:

    Apple iPad
    1) lots of apps in iTunes
    2) no expansion card support
    3) no flash support
    4) larger screen size
    5) 3G on select units
    6) no camera
    7) 10hrs battery life on video playback(nominal rate)

    Galaxy Tab
    1) few but free apps on Android Market
    2) expansion MicroSd Card support
    3) smaller screen size
    4) 3G on all units
    5) 63.2MP cam at the back, 1.3MP cam in front for videocall
    6) only 7hours of video playback(nominal rate)

    with the specs, galaxy Tab may have win the game, but the iPad's plethora of apps and larger screen size is also a deal breaker. and as my friends say it, there's a "yabang" factor in an iPad, which for me is somewhat true because apple as a brand is also a culural sell-out.

  2. Thanks for the comparison! :) Got the iPad and the boyfriend got the Tab.

  3. hi..did you get the volume magic wave?:)


Thank you for your comment.