Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Smart Social Media Program received its 3rd Anvil Award* since its inception in 2009. I am mighty proud of the award since I've been with the project and the team since it's early days. The award we got this year is for its Phase 3 or the introduction of the Smart Specialists Program. We began the program last August 2012 by creating Twitter accounts with "Smart personalities" in support of our main social media channel. Getting the 3rd award is especially nice since it's the first social media award we got under the Digital Media Team and it further validates that we are on the right track. 

Congratulations to my work kids, @Smart_Kimberly and @Smart_Tob for a job well done!

Anvil Award for the Smart Social Media Specialists Program

Aside from the @SmartCares Award, we also got an excellence recognition for S@FE.PH or the use of Social Media for disaster preparedness and response. The program was led by my friend, Elvin.

Smart Social Media Team
Smart Social Media Team

Winning is more fun with friends!
Winning is more fun with friends!

Smart got another good haul at this year's Anvil. We got a total of 14 awards (the most for any company, brand or agency) in the areas of brand communication, customer care, disaster preparedness, employee engagement, health, environment, social media and technopreneurship. One of the best awards we got is a recognition for our highly successful Live More corporate campaign, which emphasizes the importance of a reliable network connection. Live More has always been the battlecry of Smart in the last few months and we are very happy that it was highly recognized by a number of award-giving organizations in various fields.

14 Anvil Awards for Smart - just another day at work for Mon Isberto. 

*The Anvil Awards is dubbed as the Oscar's of Public Relations in the Philippines. It's now on it's 48th year of recognizing the best PR programs in the country. Smart's Social Media's 1st Anvil Award was in 2010 for offering the first real-time customer servicing via Twiter; and the 2nd award was in 2011 for public relations on a sustained basis. 

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