Monday, December 29, 2014

I have many reasons to blog again...

  • I officially started my wedding planning this month and I want to share and post all the things I am learning about the whole wedding shebang. I've been browsing blogs, portals, message boards, and Pinterest boards for ideas, pegs and it's a waste not to write about them and help soon to be brides like me. Plus, this seems to be the only platform where I can go total bridezilla without people judging me. Heh!

  • I just renewed my blog domain. It's (still) $10 so let's put it to good use. Thanks to my friend Elvin for helping me with it. I almost lost it because of the new admin console login of Google.

  • I have a new kick-ass camera! I bought a Sony RX100 MIII last month as an advance Christmas gift for myself. I've been wanting a good point of shoot since mid this year when I realized that the iPhone cameras are not enough to satisfy my artistic eye (hah!). Seriously - it would be nice to photo blog again random pretty photos of everyday life. Sometimes Instagram is not enough.

  • I need to write again to distract me a little from being a Social Media Super Micro Manager! I've been pouring so many work hours in the last few years and 2015 is a time to step back a little and set aside more personal me time. :)

Hoping that I would be able to sustain it this time (even if I've been saying this since 2013). 

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