Sunday, March 22, 2015

Smart launched last Wednesday, through the Talk 'N Text brand, the app that would allow access to millions of unconnected Filipinos. We've been preparing for this launch and partnership for months and I must say that this is one of our "heartwarming" offers for the year (Filipino Translation: "May kurot sa puso!"). 

Smart is a strong advocate of providing Internet For All and is one of the initiatives that would further strengthen this. This effort gives FREE web access to anyone who owns an Internet-capable mobile phone in the Philippines IF they are on the Smart cellular network (this includes Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk 'N Text brands). is a project of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook's Founder/CEO/Superhero Extraordinaire - in case you don't know him) with the intent to make mobile Internet services available to the 2/3 of the world population who are not yet connected. Smart is the first telco to launch the app in the Philippines and South East Asia. The first countries that launched the app were Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, and India.

Mark posted a message on Facebook on the introduction of in the Philippines through Smart:

Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg also posted the advocacy on her page:

I was very overwhelmed and happy with their messages. This is a HUGE deal for us and the campaign. I can't help but gush!

The app is available via Google Play and it can also be accessed via WAP at Access to the services is for FREE as long as you stay within the app or at The banner brand for this is Talk 'N Text but service is also available to Smart and Sun Cellular subscribers. Customers may also text INTERNET and send it to 9999 to know more info.

More Than Just FREE Facebook
The most popular service on is Facebook, of course. But this initiative is more than just FREE Facebook. In the app is a suit of web services that is essential and useful to the Filipinos' daily lives. covered news, communication, jobs/employment, finance and lifestyle.

See below the list of sites and services you can access for FREE with    
These 24 services are just the initial list of partners. More sites and services will be added in the days to come.

How To

There are two ways to access's FREE services: (1) download the app or (2) access it through your mobile phone's WAP. No registration is needed! I used my Sun Cellular Prepaid in the step-by-step for the app and Smart for the WAP.

Via App

1. Download the via Google Play (downloading of the app is not free of charge and you can download the app over wifi).
2. Ensure that you're NOT connected to wifi and you're connected to your data/3G/LTE. will only work when you're on Smart, Sun, or Talk 'N Text and when your wifi is not on.
3. Open the app and check the list of sites and services you want to access.
4. Limit your activity inside the app to avoid unnecessary charges.

Tip: There's a purple band on top of the screen that indicates that you're browsing within the app. See below. app in Google Playstore & the Welcome Page, Wattpad and Interaksyon via app.
Notice the "Free Data" notification on top of the page.


1. Ensure that you're NOT connected to wifi and you're connected to your data/3G/LTE.
2. Go to your mobile phone's browse (Google, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
3. Go to and check the list of sites and services you want or need to access.
4. Limit your activity in the site to avoid unnecessary charges.

Tip: There's the word "free" or the number "0" in the URL of the sites that indicates that you're browsing within See below.    Photo 3-22-15, 4 25 45 AM Page via WAP

Photo 3-22-15, 4 14 30 AM    Photo 3-22-15, 4 15 54 AM    Photo 3-22-15, 4 25 18 AM

To know more about this service text INTERNET to 9999 or visit

Check out Talk 'N Text & Facebook's TVC featuring Robin Padilla.

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  2. Hurray! I'm just so excited as Mark announced this on his FB page. Cheers to free internet.

    Will the PLDT group help with the free wifi project of the govt?


Thank you for your comment.