Sunday, August 16, 2015

No updates since May! I've been a very bad blogger. Been really busy with work but I TRY to put a little wedding planning and prep every now and then. Anyway - here's a long wedding update and review on K. By Cunanan.

One of our most important wedding suppliers is our caterer - K. By Cunanan. I am very happy with our choice of caterer and its also the very first supplier that we booked back it December. They are my ultimate non-negotiable. 

I was not really keen on getting them in the beginning. I was actually preparing a series of food tasting and meetings with prospective caterers (Albergus, Bizu, Mesclun, Passion Cooks, etc.). BUT our friend, Patty Laurel-Filart, suggested and recommended her wedding caterer to me. I checked them out, found very good food reviews from past wedding couples, and fell in love with their superb styling. Food is very important in any event. People will probably forget my wedding dress but they will never forget the banquet experience; so the guys who will cater for the wedding is very important to us.

Trivia: We switched wedding dates from December 12 to December 18 because K. By Cunanan was already fully booked on the 12th. Yeah - I chose a Friday instead of a very good Saturday December date all because of food and styling! 

We booked and paid the required Php 10,000 last December but we officially reserved last January at the Getting Married Bridal Fair. Booking them on fairs will give additional FREE desserts or appetizers in the menu. The Account Manager that was assigned to us in the fair was Rann Dela Fuente.  

There are two food tastings at K. By Cunanan. The first taste test is where you will meet your Account Manager, discuss wedding details, and try out K's popular dishes. The second food tasting is usually 2-3 months before the wedding. You'll be able to taste your selected menu from the first taste test or request for more dishes which were not included in the first one. The final styling and detailing will also be discussed in the meeting.

Our initial food tasting was last May 12. Witt and I were very excited (of course food!). The food tasting is at the K. By Cunanan Commissary in Green Meadows. 

Here are the reviews and the fooooood...

K By Cunanan

We started with the Raspberry Iced Tea. They have other Iced Tea blends like Vanilla and Home Made Iced Tea but I think we will go with the Raspberry. It has a somewhat similar taste with Red Iced Teas.

K By Cunanan's Bacon Wrapped Dates
Bacon Wrapped Dates

K. By Cunanan offers Hors d' oeuvres for the guests. Our wedding will have a 1.5 hours gap from church to reception and we will be serving cocktails during that time. K offers a variety of hors d' oeuvres: fresh, soup, wrap/taco, fried, and on toast. We were served Bacon Wrapped Dates, Onion Soup with French Toast, and Chicken Tortilla with Arugula, and Carmelized Onion. The Bacon Wrapped Dates is a winner and we  will definitely include it in our menu. You can never go wrong with bacon! The Onion Soup is so-so and it was served in shot glasses which might be a hassle to some. The Chicken Tortila is okay but we will ask for other options.

Here's a tip: you can convert your dessert freebies into appetizer freebies. Just tell your AE about it. We will request for more hors d' oeuvres in our final food tasting. The Hoisin Chicken Wrap is always a favorite among past brides so we will ask for that. The Seared Tuna on Crisp Tortilla is also a choice since it got very good raves at the Big Banquet event.

K By Cunanan's Roasted Corn Soup
Roasted Corn Soup

The soup that was served to us was Roasted Corn Soup. It's very good and hearty. I love that it has a unique taste compared to the usual buffet soup. We might get this one or request for the popular Paella Soup!

K By Cunanan
Watermelon and Feta with Citrus Dressing

Witt likes the Waternelon Salad because it's very different from the usual salad that we often order. It also has a very fresh and fruity taste so it will be a very good appetizer for what's to come. Other options that I am personally interested to taste are Shrimp and Mango Salad with Mango Dressing and Oriental Chicken Salad. 

Here are the Main Courses:

K By Cunanan's Tuyo Pasta
Spicy Tuyo Angel Hair Pasta

I love angel hair and I love spicy tuyo so it was a regret that I was not able to try this. This was the last food that was served and I was really full already. Witt tried it but he told me that it's not worth considering.

K By Cunanan
Salmon with Risotto and Asparagus

We are big salmon fans so this will definitely be in our menu! The salmon is soft and tasty while the risotto is really sticky and delicious just the way I like it. It's not one of the popular dishes of K. By Cunanan but we hope that our guests will love this as well. This is Witt's non-negotiable. I tried to remove this in favor of a healthy pasta dish (in case we have strict Vegan guests) but I failed to convince him. Meh.

K By Cunanan's Honey Nut Prawn
Honey Nut Prawn

Now this is MY non-negotiable. Popular in wedding forums and review sites, the Honey Nut Prawn did not fail my high expectations. I love the sweet-salt taste of the nuts against the prawn and the mayo garnish. I am very sure that this will be a hit in our wedding reception so this will definitely be in the menu.

K By Cunanan
Grilled Red Snapper, Mango Salsa, and Coconut Cream

K By Cunanan
Pork Belly, Fig & Apple Compote, Potato Puree

This is another popular K. By Cunanan dish but we will let go of this and all other pork dishes in favor of a beef dish. The pork belly is okay and tasty but I am not just big on pork dishes. We will have lechons served so that will take care of the pork part in the menu.

Five (5) main courses were served to us in the food tasting. They are all delicious and it doesn't have the usual "catering-taste" variety that we usually encounter in events. My only request is for a chicken and/or beef dish to be served. I view chicken dishes as a universal-must-haves in any gathering so I'll be requesting it in our final food tasting. Based from the menu, the Japanese Rolled Chicken, Cheese and Leeks and Teriyaki Glaze sounds divine!

I'll post again our final food tasting menu and reviews. I also skipped the dessert review and will just do it in another post. :)

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  1. Hi Abbie! Is it all right if you share your menu? I also got K by Cunanan:) Did you get a lot of upgrades? Thanks!

  2. Hi, Rowan -

    I am very sorry if I will reply just now.

    Here's my final menu:

    Hoisin chicken wrap
    Bacon wrapped dates
    Seared tuna on crisp tortilla, caramelized onion, balsamic reduction
    Blnis with smoked salmon

    Assorted bread with balsamic and olive oil and pesto butter

    Roasted corn soup

    Watermelon and feta salad, citrus dressing

    Mixed seafood, chorizo, chicken paella
    Honey Nut Prawn
    Roasted rosemary chicken, stuffing, broccoli and cashew salad
    Barbecued beef ribs, corn parsley butter, baby potatoes
    All Steamed rice

    White chocolate cake
    Queso de bola cheese cake
    Flambeed mangoes with vanilla ice cream
    Chocolate and hazel nut cannoli

    Raspberry Iced tea
    Brewed coffee and Tarragon tea

    We only upgraded the Honey Nut Prawns. :) The guests loved our food. Got really good raves about it. Parang yung chicken lang yung wala masyado praises but I personally loved it.

  3. ask ko lang po magkano siya per head? and magkano po extra bayad pag hindi sa metro manila ang wedding..thank you


Thank you for your comment.