Saturday, June 17, 2023

This is Week 1 of my Invisalign journey. More posts on this ahead (so I will not quit!).

My teeth developed these awful gaps in the last 10 years. It became very annoying and unflattering. My doctor said it's basically because of wear & tear. I am a Gen X-er who prefers the least invasive solution to beautify my smile and correct my overbite; I studied options from veneers to metal braces to dentures before I bit the bullet on Invisalign. Pun intended. 

A friend posted on IG her Invisalign some months back that convinced me to consult for this least invasive, unobtrusive option - albeit more expensive than the others. I went to the same doctor as my friend's at the YSA Dermatology Dentistry with Dr. Marj Lapid, and their Associate Dentist, Dr. Bianca. The whole process, from the evaluation, mold taking, clinical tests, and the arrival of the aligners, took around 4 months. It was an easy process, not painful, but you must dedicate some hours to consultations and teeth cleaning. YSA and Dr. Marj are very good and very friendly. She convinced me well in getting Invisalign and thoroughly explained the process. 

I got my aligners just last June 11, and it has been so irritating SO FAR. Ugh. 

The aligners are perfectly molded on my teeth. Yay, Science! It's technology at its very best. This geek is very impressed. However, for someone who also has to resolve asap EVERY pain she feels, I am so pissed by the nasty edge and sharpness of the aligners on the back part of my lower left molars. The aligners are made of plastic, after all. It gives me uncomfortable sores under my tongue. Good thing that it’s “healing”a bit. The rest are perfectly fine. Unfortunately, I am a comfort above everything else kind of girl (read: I can't do Tiis Ganda), so this new "appendage" in my body is pissing me off so bad. Let's see how this will go. 

I must put the aligners 20-22 hours daily for a year. It's barely been a week, and I seriously don't know if I can go through this for an entire year. I have 56 aligner trays made for me, and I am barely surviving on my 1st one. I will change it every 1-2 weeks with a new tray and, possibly, a new kind of sharpy edges thst might need filing to avoid sores. The new trays every 1-2 weeks is the version of the monthly dental adjustments that metal braces must undergo. People on braces for years are reassuring me that this will improve through time. 

Here's what I've used in the past few days to relieve my "agony."

  • Gum Orthodontic Wax - to relieve the canker sores on my tongue (hoping I will not have it on the gums because that would be equally bad). There are other generic and cheaper alternatives, but the reviews said this is stickier than the others. This was also the best I tried so far.
  • Nail File | Emery Board - to smoothen the sharp edges of your aligners. Choose something with a smooth and coarse side. 
  • Dental Kit Everywhere. I must bring toothpaste, dental wax, floss, and mouthwash wherever I go. You have to clean your teeth AFTER each meal BEFORE you put back your aligners. My lazy self trumps my desire to eat a lot, which is quite good. I am using Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean since it has anti-bacterial properties (it's also my fave), and my doctor recommended Dencytol for mouthwash. I found cheaper options for this on Lazada.
  • Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant - this is one of the most reliable lip-protecting balms I tried. Dry lips are very common when you have braces. I always have this in my bag, and I apply some throughout the day. Dior's Lip Glow is also good. 
  • Water, water, water. Your meal times will be limited so you must hydrate A LOT.
BUT, okay, okay, here’s the good part: Invisalign is totally clear, nice, and ALMOST invisible, and comfortable compared to traditional braces. It’s really the perfect solution if you don’t want the look that metal braces give. It’s also the least invasive, and it doesn’t require too much dental visits. 

To be continued. Best of luck to me. Hit me in the comments if you have any questions. 

Yep, I am back after gazillion years. Hello, Blog!  The tone of this post is very Abbie circa 2000. 

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