Wednesday, August 10, 2005

:: :: AUGUST NA! ::

Here's another quick post, just to let everyone know that I am still breathing. I've been so busy these past few weeks! Hay, grabe! Weekdays are usually swamped with meetings, work, proposals, bids, and E-MAILS! I actually spent a whole morning the other day just answering work e-mails. Oh well. Weekends are usually time to catch sleep, watch Felicity DVDs (thanks, Aileen) visit my brother in Tagaytay, or have impromptu and kidnap dates with Mark.

Anyway, I promised myself that I will relax and unwind this week but unfortunately a particularly "bugging" situation left me paranoid and stressed since Sunday. What a week! :( I am truly praying that my current worries will leave me and go away in time for my grand day on the 12th.

Happy August!